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Tom Ford Sunglasses


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Tom Ford


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Tom Ford Sunglasses

For luxury designer eyewear that protects your eyes in style, Tom Ford Sunglasses are officially one of the best options on the global market. The frames offer trendy outlooks for every fashion sense under the sun, and the quality materials and craftsmanship ensure the glasses are a good investment.


The designer himself has well and truly earned the right to take credit for the success of his eyewear brand. Having already served the Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent fashion houses, it is no surprise that Tom Ford has been able to develop his own brand on an international scale. His creativity and attention to detail ensures that every single frame design is iconic, sophisticated and classic. 


The Origins of the Tom Ford Brand


Although Ford spent most of his youth in Mexico, he was actually born in Texas, America. The talented artist was later drawn to “The Big Apple” to study history of art at university. However, it wasn’t until Ford moved to Milan that he made his mark on the fashion industry. Once appointed as womenswear designer for Gucci in 1990, his success began to grow. From there, he moved up to creative director of the fashion company. 


Just a decade after his first appointment at Gucci, Ford transferred to Yves Saint Laurent, which joined the same group as Gucci. Under Ford’s management, both brands saw a rise in both sales and popularity, which naturally led to the creative’s promotion to vice chairman of the management board. However, Tom Ford didn’t hang around for long. After just two years in this prestigious role, he decided to launch his own brand, and quite rightly too. 


The Tom Ford fashion brand was officially established in 2005, with a partnership being formed with the Marcolin Group that very same year. It was this relationship that allowed Ford to develop the line of eyewear we know and love today. With bold and elegant optical frames on offer, the collection was an instant favourite of those seeking fashionable vision correction. 


What makes the Tom Ford brand stand out, whether it be in menswear, eyewear or perfume, is his unrelenting drive for perfection. Every detail counts, and having recognised this, many a celebrity has showcased Tom Ford eyewear throughout history. It is therefore no wonder that the brand is 007’s first choice when it comes to sunglasses.


Tom Ford Sunglasses for Men


What style of sunglasses tickles your fancy? Perhaps a subtle and sophisticated pair that works well for business. Perhaps something chic with a hint of fun to impress on a date. Perhaps a sturdy pair to withstand the activities of a sportsman or Dad with young children. Or, perhaps you want to make a statement with your eyewear to properly stand out from the crowd. Whatever your preference, Tom Ford has got you covered. Every pair has a unique finishing touch that sets it apart, and expert craftsmanship from Italy guarantees that the frames will fit you comfortably for years to come.


Whether you are looking for a touch of vintage, a loud oversized shape, retro Tom Ford round sunglasses, or a classic design with a modern twist, you can find plenty of options in the Tom Ford collection. We specifically recommend the Tom Ford Polarized Sunglasses, as these offer extra protection against glare. The latter occurs when the sun’s light bounces off reflective surfaces, adding to the amount of light entering your eyes. 


Favourites from the Tom Ford mens sunglasses collection include the Tom Ford Andrew Sunglasses and Tom Ford Snowdon Sunglasses. The Snowdon's are a signature design from the brand, made with high quality plastic and trendy grey lenses. Other models to bear in mind are the FT0336s and FT0513s, which are a classic square design with full rims and a stylish grey hue. One of the best things about Tom Ford sunglasses is that they feature the iconic Tom Ford logo of a T shape in the corners of the frames. This subtly expresses your exquisite taste in eyewear, without shouting about big brands. 


Tom Ford Sunglasses Women’s Collection


Without a shadow of a doubt, some of the most popular womens sunglasses are the Tom Ford women’s aviator sunglasses. The frames suit the vast majority of face shapes, and show off your excellent taste in eyewear, while remaining appropriate for any occasion. The Tom Ford sunglasses aviator model is handmade in Italy with the finest metals, and are on offer in plenty of colour combinations. You can even see the finer detailing on the frames and temples, with elegant patterns earning the right to the designer label.


Other recommendations from the Tom Ford womens sunglasses selection are the FT0609s as the tortoise frames elevate any outfit. The brown lenses keep it classy as they pair beautifully with the pantographed plastic frame material. For something a little further outside the box, dare to try the FT5601s. The cat eye frame shape adds instant style to any get up, with blue light blocking lenses keeping you safe from digital eye strain. Don’t forget to add your prescription if you need to! Last but not least, take a glance at the Tom Ford Veronica Sunglasses. These subtle, chic and elegant cat eye frames come in plenty of colour schemes. The contemporary metal frames will keep you feeling, looking and of course seeing your best at all times.


Shop with SmartBuyGlasses


Three words: Spoilt. For. Choice. There are so many designs and colours to choose from, it can get super hard to choose! But don’t worry, we have made it as easy as possible. Start by browsing the face shape guide. This will help you narrow down the frame styles that suit your specific facial features. Then you can use the virtual try on tool to see how you look and feel in each pair. All you have to do is take a quick selfie video and voila! Hundreds of designer frames on your nose are just a click away. Being able to visualise the frames on your face has revolutionised online eyewear shopping, so you no longer need to leave the house at all! However, before you add to bag, check that you have chosen the correct size to fit your head - you don’t want the frames sliding off your nose! See our size guide here for full details.


Once you have chosen your glasses, simply pop in your prescription. Our lenses cater to all sorts of impairments, from presbyopia to astigmatism. See our Optical Center for more info on eye health and care. All you have to do is insert your prescription details at the checkout or email them to us later. The lenses will be expertly fitted by our in-house professionals and arrive ready to wear. Next, you can choose your lenses - we recommend the Arise HD Prescription lenses - and add any additional coatings. A top recommended coating is our ingenious zFORT blue light blocking technology which shields your precious eyes from the unpleasant side effects of spending long periods of time in front of digital screens. 


Once you confirm your purchase, you can rest assured that you will have bought your dream designer sunnies at the best price possible. You will also have the pleasure of 100 days to return for a refund or exchange, along with a 24 month warranty. What’s not to love? Now stop reading and get shopping!

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