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    Oval Glasses

    Rounder frames and lenses were the first prescription glasses to help improve people’s eyesight. These included round and oval glasses. One of the first oval reading glasses was made of metal, which helped magnify smaller print.  


    Essentially, the main difference between round and oval is the shape. Round glasses have a circular lens and frame, while oval glasses are more egg-shaped. 


    Nevertheless, oval eyeglasses and sunglasses can also look retro or modern. You can combine oval frames with a slight geometric shape to look trendy and original. 


    There are various oval frame glasses to fit every style and create a vintage feel. If you’re looking to relive the ‘90s, then a narrower pair of oval glasses may do the trick. So, why not find a pair you love from our SmartBuy Collection.


    We also offer bold and funky thick oval glasses in our exclusive Arise Collective collection. You’ll rock any outfit with eyewear that supports social and environmental causes. Ready to envision a better world, one frame at a time


    Let’s start by seeing who would best suit oval glasses and vamp up their style!


    Who should wear oval glasses?

    Many celebrities, as well as the general public, have worn oval glasses throughout the years. Oval frames are seen as an iconic fashion staple that different face shapes can effortlessly pull off. 


    Although not a science, rounder frames better suit faces with angular features to create balance. If you have a square face, you’ll love oval glasses. 


    With a square face, oval glasses help smoothen the sharp angular facial features and create a cool contrast. We have trendy Balenciaga oval glasses that can vamp up your office look like no other frames can. You can also add blue light technology to your new Balenciaga's to feel fresh and look stylish in every video call. 


    If you’re looking to level out your heart-shaped face, oval eyeglasses will be right up your alley. We have a range of stylish and affordable glasses to satisfy your every eye need. If you're still not convinced, try on a pair of oval glasses virtually and see how you look. 


    Thanks to the diversity of oval frames, even round faces can rock a pair of oval glasses. They are not perfectly round, so oval eyeglasses will allow round faces to dare and try something new from square or rectangle glasses.  


    So, how will you style your new trendy oval glasses?


    Are oval glasses in style?

    Oval glasses have always been in style and make for a great timeless pair of charming eyeglasses and sunglasses


    Now that you’ve found the right pair of oval glasses, why not choose the right oval frame colour. 


    Want a colour that goes with everything? Black glasses are a popular choice for those seeking something easy but elegant. If black isn’t for you, why not try clear glasses frames. Transparent frames work well with many skin tones and are a great way to match a variety of outfits.


    You can also shop by colour and find a range of prescription glasses to fit your single vision or reading needs. 

    SmartBuyGlasses has put together everyday eyewear for less for the whole family to enjoy, no matter the shape, colour, or prescription you want. So which frames will you choose?