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New Arrivals Glasses

Finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses can be a challenge. There are so many brands to choose from. So many fashion trends to keep track of. So many different shapes, colours and sizes! Seeing as we pride ourselves on making eyewear easy, here is a little guide to kickstart your search. This page is all about the latest arrivals at our store. This makes it the ideal page to browse if you want to show off the latest styles and trends with your eyewear.

The list of new arrivals is almost infinite, and therefore encompasses more than the bog-standard eyeglass frame. You can find eyeglasses that are tailored to specific activities or functions. For example, you can buy glasses specifically for sport. Or foldable reading glasses to tuck into pockets. There are even eyeglasses with clip on sunglasses. You can find the latest men’s eyeglass frames, as well as the womens, and all come with a lovely price match guarantee. This means that even if you buy the most expensive pair of Ray-Ban eyeglasses in the store, you won’t find them cheaper anywhere else. But as well as offering the top brands, we also have the cheapest eyeglasses store, thanks to our value collection. 

Designer Brands

We have new designs of eyeglasses coming in all the time from the biggest eyewear retailers worldwide. The most iconic is of course Ray-Ban, who consistently strive for innovation. For loud fashion statements you can turn to the likes of Gucci and Chloe, who tend to bring out new collections each season. For refined elegance, Prada and Tom Ford are timeless favourites, offering a range of classic styles with various contemporary twists.

We showcase more niche brands of eyeglasses too. For example, we recently launched pages for Taylor Morris, a small designer eyewear company in London. The founders aim to provide luxury eyewear for the modern gentleman at an accessible price point. Another recent partnership includes Victoria Beckham eyewear. This brand truly encapsulates sophisticated elegance”, with everything from vintage large round eyeglass frames to refined metal aviators in subtle colour schemes.

Eyeglasses Singapore for Sports

It’s also important to have the right glasses, not just for working or looking pretty, but to perform well at sports. This is particularly the case for ball sports, as you wouldn’t want to drop the ball, or worse, get hit! You also don’t want glasses sliding down your nose, landing by your feet and potentially getting crushed. Bearing in mind the likelihood of this is significantly increased when perspiration kicks in. So, it is important to get a decent pair of eyeglasses for sports.

The most legendary brand for sports glasses is of course Oakley; a brand that constantly renovates its designs to ensure top performance. The company frequently works with athletes to test their products and respond to feedback. The collection here offers everything from Oakley men’s eyeglasses to Oakley prescription eyeglasses. 

Latest Eyewear on a Budget

At SmartBuyGlasses, you don’t have to be rich to wear the newest eyewear trends. You can check out our deals page to see what special offers we have on eyeglasses, and you can join our mailing list to discover designer discounts before anyone else.

Alternatively, you can shop the SmartBuy Collection and Arise Collective. The latter is a sustainable and innovative brand that designs glasses with the modern explorer in mind. The glasses are made with quality materials, making them both comfortable and long-lasting. But the best thing is their price point, which ensures excellent value for money. 

As for the SmartBuy Collection, this line of eyewear targets the fashionista on a budget. There are so many styles and colours to choose from, and all for the most wonderful prices. You can opt for retro large round eyeglass frames or classic rectangular eyeglass frames. The options are endless, and you can add any prescription to them. In fact, you can even choose the type of lenses you want, and add optional coatings. For example, we highly recommend the blue light blocking zFORT coating. This saves your eyes from digital eye strain when spending long periods of time looking at screens. As a result, you will sleep better and may notice that it becomes easier to focus.

Although the price is low, quality is never compromised. SmartBuy Collection frames are made with good quality metals and plastics, making them durable and comfortable. There are various frame types to choose from as well, with 5 different sub collections within the brand. For example, there are Titanium Light frames that offer strong and sturdy frames that are miraculously as light as a feather. There are other vintage-style metal frames from the Metallics and More collection, and luxury pairs from the Premium collection. One of the best uses of SmartBuy Collection glasses however, is a spare pair of glasses. Thanks to the low price point, it would be silly not to buy a pair, even if it’s to have them just in case you forget, lose or break your other pair! Good options for this can be found in the Essentials collection. Whichever value brand you go for, you can find the latest fashionable models on this page.

Shop with SmartBuyGlasses

Shopping for the latest brands and frame styles with SmartBuyGlasses comes with a whole range of benefits. To help you choose the best pair for you, take a look at our face shape guide. This will help you determine which style suits you best, such as eyeglasses for round faces or if you can pull off mens oversized eyeglasses. Once you have a few style ideas that you know should work well with your facial features, you can browse the eyeglasses collection and filter by frame style to help narrow down your search. You can then try on as many pairs as you like with our Virtual Try-On tool. All you have to do is take a quick selfie video and suddenly you will see your profile reflected on the screen, but with glasses! This means that you can get an accurate idea of how the glasses will look on you without even leaving the house. Plus, check our size guide to see how to fit eyeglasses and get the right dimensions for you. However, if the glasses you go for arrive and you aren’t sure about them in person, you get a generous 100 days to return them! You are also treated to a 2 year warranty and price match guarantee

Best Latest Arrivals

Tom Ford Christian: these bold black and brown glasses make a great addition to any outfit, with the signature T symbol on the temples to leave a subtle hint of your top taste in eyewear.

Oakley Wheel House: this is a classic square frame made with polished crystal. It’s elegant colour scheme is perfect for any fashion sense and occasion.

Arise Collective Kochi: high quality, light brown acetate frames will last you for years to come and pair beautifully with any outfit. These come with blue light lenses to protect you from digital eye strain. This will help you sleep better with a lower risk of headaches when working long days in the office.

SmartBuy Collection Lita: rose gold stainless steel frames are the perfect vintage-inspired glasses frames to add to your collection. The small price tag makes them worth buying even if they’re just a spare!