Find your face shape


Does your face feel lonely? Perhaps it 's time you considered a character trait that you value in your frames. Not sure where to start? No problem! We're here to help navigate the right frame for you — no matter how round, narrow, oval or heart-shaped your face is. Join us as we explore the frames that you (and your face) will absolutely love. 



What is my face shape?



1. Look in the mirror

What do you see? Most of us will assume that our face may resemble a heart, an oval, a round or even a square shape. But how can you be absolutely sure?

2. Outline your face

With a bar of soap, start by slowly tracing the outline of your face's reflection. Alternatively, you can also use an erasable pen (or even some lipstick). 

3. Match your shape 

Once you've done this, step back and look at the shape you've just drawn. Think about how what you've seen measures up to the common face shapes.

4. Choose your Glasses

Now that you finally know your face shape, let's move on to choosing the right frames for you. We have plenty of styles ready for you to refresh your look!

How to pick glasses for your face shape?




Oval Face Shape





Recommended Glasses

  • Narrow forehead
  • High cheekbones
  • Narrow chin
  • Non-oversized frames
  • Retro cat-eye frames
  • Frames with embellishments





Square Face Shape



  • Wide forehead 
  • Strong cheekbones 
  • Strong jawline 


Recommended Glasses

  • Round frames
  • Oval frames




Round Face Shape 


  • Wide forehead
  • Full cheek
  • Rounded chin  


Recommended Glasses

  • Rectangle frames
  • Wayfarer frames
  • Bright colors and prints




Heart Face Shape



  • Wide forehead 
  • High cheekbones 
  • Narrow
  • jawline  


Recommended Glasses

  • Wraparound frames
  • Wayfarer frame shape
  • Floral or tortoise patterns

Find your shape with over 180,000 different models available!