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    Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Why is everyone talking about blue light blocking glasses? Well, over the past few years, we’ve moved into a digital era, with our daily activities shifting to digital alternatives. We spend long hours working on a computer or laptop, we catch up on the latest series on our TV, and scroll through news articles, emails, and social media on our phones. This increased exposure to digital devices means more hard work for our eyes as they become dry, irritated, and sensitive, struggling to focus. You may have heard of the key culprit of these symptoms - blue light!


    What are blue light blocking glasses?

    Much like sunglasses, blue light blocking glasses intercept a particular type of light that we are exposed to from technology. Blue light glasses are specially designed to filter out the blue light that is emitted by screens and reduce the amount of harmful light reaching our eyes. The lenses have an additional filter compared to regular lenses, which protect your eyes from the risks associated with blue light exposure. The glasses allow wearers to focus on digital screens for an extended period of time without worrying about the negative impacts of blue light.


    How do blue light blocking glasses work?

    Blue light blocking glasses commonly feature lenses with a slightly yellow tint that counteracts the blue light. This allows other types of light through but shields your eyes from the harmful, high-energy blue wavelengths. Not only can blue ray glasses reduce the amount of eyestrain you experience, but they can also minimise residual effects such as headaches and fatigue.


    What are blue light blocking glasses used for?

    There are numerous uses for blue light protection glasses, and all groups of people can enjoy their benefits. As a gamer, your playing experience will be enhanced through the increased contrast on your screen. If you are an office worker, you can use computer glasses to reduce the eye strain you feel when using the computer all day. No matter your motivation, you can also consider blue light blocking prescription glasses to combine the corrective adjustments your eyes need, with the protection they deserve.