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Oakley Glasses

Oakley Glasses: A Brief History

James Jannard, also known as Jim, was the great creator of the Oakley eyewear brand, which he named after his dog Oakley Anne. The line of glasses is often associated with sports performance, and this comes as no surprise, once you know the entrepreneur’s background. Jim was fascinated by motocross, and endeavoured to invent a brand new handlebar grip that greatly improved athletes’ performance. The technology was so advanced, he managed to later develop it into a pair of glasses. Essentially, the material created was dubbed Unobtanium. It was a rubber-like material that kept its grip, even when wet. The designer took the logical step from motocross to cycling, and eventually used the material to make eyewear. This meant that sportsmen could wear glasses for athletic activities without the frames sliding off their face, especially as the nose grips perform even when affected by perspiration. The first of this kind were called the Oakley Lite and Factory Pilot Eyeshades. Another very popular product along Jim’s eyewear journey was ski goggles, which featured similar frame shapes to the original motocross goggles. Oakley glasses are so good for sports because the designers work with athletes, getting them to test the eyewear and report back. This means Oakley can develop the very best performing sports glasses, and they continue to work closely with a range of athletes even today.

Eventually, Oakley expanded from sports eyewear into lifestyle glasses. The first model for everyday use was the Oakley Frogskin, which remains a fashion staple today. You can now discover a whole range of Oakley glasses in all sorts of styles. There are options for both men and women, and each can be customised to suit your prescription.

Oakley Prescription Glasses

No matter your prescription, Oakley lenses can be customised to correct your vision perfectly. For more information on visual impairments, take a look at our Optical Center, where you will find helpful articles on common problems like presbyopia and astigmatism. Once you have selected your dream pair of Oakley glasses, simply upload your prescription to the website. You will then be able to choose your lens type, width and coatings. The lenses we recommend are the Arise HD Prescription Lenses, as they offer high quality without breaking the bank. Where coatings are concerned, you can add optional extras like protection from impact and shattering. One of the most popular however, is our zFORT technology blue light blocking lens coating. This shields your eyes from digital strain as we all spend more and more time in front of screens. It is important to protect your eyes from blue light as long periods of exposure to it can lead to headaches and disrupted sleeping patterns. Once your order is confirmed, the prescription lenses will be expertly fitted into your chosen Oakley glasses by our in-house professionals, and will arrive on your doorstep ready to wear. 

Oakley Glasses for Sport

As mentioned earlier, Oakley is totally sports orientated. The glasses are made for athletes, tested by them, and sold to the masses. The brand certainly does not compromise on quality. However, to get the best results from your Oakley glasses, you must be careful to buy the right pair for you. There are certain frames and lenses available for different sports. Some of the most popular types of glasses are made specifically for cycling, running and fishing. The lenses have different features that improve performance in that particular sport. For example, a different lens type may be used for ball sports, as hand eye coordination is key. Whereas cycling glasses will have different advantages, suited to long days out on the road. 

The most important thing about Oakley sports glasses is the quality of the materials used. The top-notch components that are fused together to make a pair of Oakley frames are strong and lightweight all at the same time. This means the frames and lenses are less likely to suffer damage from wear and tear while practising physical activities. Their weightlessness is also important, as it renders them wonderfully comfortable. You might even forget you are wearing them!

Cheap Oakley Glasses

It is true that quality comes at a price. However, at SmartBuyGlasses we endeavour to make even the most premium glasses brands affordable for all. As a result, you can always head to our deals page to check out the latest offers on Oakley Singapore. Simply filter by brand and see what comes up! The catch is that great discounts don’t last long. So be the first to hear about great offers by signing up to our mailing list and follow us on social media. 

Shop with SmartBuyGlasses

Shop with us and join our global community of happy customers. Every pair of glasses comes with a best price guarantee, so you won’t find them cheaper anywhere else. In addition, you have 100 days to return your Oakley glasses if they are not quite right. However, you can reduce the chances of this by using our Virtual Try On tool. The feature swiftly guides you through the process of taking a quick snapshot of your facial profile. Within moments you will see your face on screen, at various angles, wearing hundreds of different pairs of glasses. This means you can be adventurous with your glasses frame selection, and try something new and different without committing. It is a really useful tool to picture how the glasses look before you buy. And as if that wasn’t enough, you also get a 2 year warranty on any glasses bought. 

Nevertheless, we strive to make your shopping experience as perfect as possible. As a result, feel free to check out our Optical Center for information about eyecare and visual impairments. There are plenty of articles to browse, all with lots of useful tips about buying glasses online, such as how to measure your pupillary distance. And if you don’t find the answer to your question, you can ask our online optician

If aesthetics are what’s worrying you more than eye health, we totally understand. Even the most luxurious pair of designer glasses won’t guarantee good looks (although it’ll get you pretty close). But to get it spot on, you need to buy the frame shape that suits your face shape. Our guide here has the full brief on which style of glasses will suit you best. However, the general consensus is that opposites attract. So if you have a round face, wear square shaped glasses, and vice versa. This is because you don’t want to accentuate your face shape, you want to create a sense of equilibrium. To put it plainly, a long frame shape on a long face will make it look even longer! So have a quick read to make sure you get the glasses that suit you best, so you can wear your new designer Oakley glasses everyday, for every occasion, and with every outfit. Don’t forget to consider colour combinations too, as they can be vital in showing off sides of your personality, bringing out your eyes, or matching your wardrobe. 

Best Sellers from Oakley Eyeglasses:

Oakley Crosslink: for an iconic look that doesn’t compromise on quality, these are the glasses to go for. They are bound to see you through whatever adventure awaits!

Oakley Airdrop: fancy a touch of vintage? Try the airdrop. With the O Matter frame material, these frames will last you years while weighing barely anything.

Once you have your Oakley eyeglasses in the bag, don’t forget to check out Oakley sunglasses too. With high tech features like the Oakley Prizm Lens, you don’t want to miss out on top performing, designer sunnies like the Oakley Sutro.