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    Top 100 Glasses

    Having a vision impairment should not be a hindrance, it should be envied. Needing glasses to correct your vision means you can accessorise your wardrobe even more! There are so many glasses styles on offer that you can use the frames to show different sides of your personality. In fact, if you have more than one pair, you can have a different one depending on your mood! You can also use glasses to elevate an outfit. For example, you might throw on a basic pair of jeans with a plain t-shirt and blend into the background. But slide on a pair of designer specs and suddenly you are turning heads wherever you go! Here is a guide to the top hundred pairs of glasses available on our site. Note that they all come with a price match guarantee, so you won’t find designer frames cheaper anywhere else.

    Prescription Glasses

    At SmartBuyGlasses, we pride ourselves on making eyewear easy. Your personal prescription can be inserted into pretty much any lens and frame type. This means you can browse pages and pages of designer glasses without worrying about your prescription fitting in. All you have to do is insert your prescription details at the checkout, and the glasses will arrive on your doorstep ready to wear. The lenses are inserted by our in-house professionals. However, if you cannot find your prescription, head to our Optical Center to find a variety of articles about glasses and eye health. There are guides to measuring your pupillary distance, advice on certain conditions such as astigmatism and EnChroma glasses for colour-blindness. Plus, you can even ask our online optician a question or two! All in all, you have every bit of information you need to buy prescription glasses online at your fingertips. 

    Types of Glasses

    People require glasses for lots of different reasons. The top three are probably reading, sports, work and fashion.

    Sports Glasses

    In the old days, people used to have to wear great big goggles over their glasses to make sure they could see clearly while avoiding the danger of having their glasses crushed by a rogue tennis ball. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. You can now find glasses that are designed specifically for sports. The frames will rest on your face without slipping down your nose, and will remain grippy even when perspiration kicks in. The highly recommended brand for such glasses is of course Oakley

    Reading Glasses

    It was initially the case that as people got older, their eyes became less flexible, meaning that they lost the ability to read text up close. This is known as presbyopia, and is usually fixed with reading glasses. However, the problem is now affecting ever younger generations. So here we offer reading glasses in all shapes and sizes. You can even get your hands on a pair of folding reading glasses! This makes them easy to transport, whether you tuck them into your jacket pocket during business meetings or pop them in your chalk bag while rock climbing a cliff face. 

    Computer Glasses

    Blue light glasses Singapore, also known as computer glasses, with blue light blocking technology are perfect for protecting your eyes while using digital displays. These days, we spend far more time in front of screens, whether it's for watching TV while relaxing or working non-stop on a computer in the office. All screens emit rays of blue light, which can lead to headaches, sleep deprivation and eye strain. To shield your eyes from it, add a blue light block coating like zFORT to your glasses. It’s great value for money, you won’t regret it. You can also find computer glasses that fit your reading glasses prescription into the middle section of your lenses. This means that your prescription works for your eyes while looking straight ahead as opposed to down at a book. Note that computer glasses are not to be confused with smart glasses, which are something different altogether, offering extra information to the viewer at the same time as showing their surroundings. 

    Glasses for Fashion

    If you don’t have a glasses prescription, don’t worry about missing out. You can still join in the fun of wearing glasses; they make a great addition to any wardrobe. Glasses typically used for aesthetic purposes are referred to as plano lenses. You may think that you can get away with wearing demo glasses that come with the frames, but these are not actually designed to be worn for long periods of time, and so can prove damaging to your eyesight. Instead, you need to make sure you opt for a non-prescription lens. You can still add extra coatings to these, such as blue light protection. Browse our enormous range of glasses frames to find the perfect pair to match every outfit.

    How Much Do Prescription Glasses Cost?

    This is an excellent question, and if truth be told, there is a pair of glasses out there for every budget under the sun. The page you are on here showcases the best and most popular glasses sold in our store. The world’s biggest brands are exhibited, such as Ray-Ban glasses, which come in all sorts of designs and colour combinations. The prices range, and can often be as deservedly high as the quality offered in the frames. However, know that with every pair of glasses bought here, you get a price match that guarantees you are buying them for the cheapest price possible. You can also find the biggest brands on special offer on our deals page, or sign up to our newsletter to receive exclusive discounts. If however, designer glasses are a pipe dream for the moment, we offer premium glasses from the Arise Collective. These are high quality specs without the scary price tag. And for the cheap glasses Singapore has to offer, check out our value collection, where you can find plenty of interesting frame shapes for the nicest of prices.

    Where to Buy Glasses Singapore

    SmartBuyGlasses is undoubtedly the best place to buy glasses online, with such a huge range of frames and brands on offer, all at the best prices. With every pair bought, you can take advantage of our 100 day returns policy and 2 year warranty.

    Popular Frames from the Top 100:

    Oakley Holbrook: this stylish pair of glasses features durable plastic frames that fade from clear to black. 

    Gucci GG0093O: nothing is classier than this pair of cat eye tortoise pattern designer glasses. They will have you both seeing clearly and looking great within seconds.

    Versace VE1163M: look as elegant as ever with these pale gold rectangular glasses. Includes beautiful logo of Medusa on the frame arms. 

    Tom Ford FT5504: these mens browline glasses will go with any outfit and any occasion. Plus, the quality of material used will have them last a lifetime.

    Prada Triangle: try these pink havana oval shaped glasses and watch people gaze in awe whenever you enter a room. They are the perfect fashion statement for proving timeless and effortless elegance.

    Nike 8097: these are an absolute staple for any male wardrobe. The brushed gunmetal grey colour lends a sleek elegance to any get-up, and the lenses are customizable to your prescription. The quality materials make it well worth the investment, as they will sit comfortably on your nose day in, day out.

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