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Introduction to Safety Glasses


Singapore safety glasses can be useful for all sorts of scenarios. They are one of the best ways of protecting your eyes from everything from splashes and sprays to workshop debris and harmful bacteria. Our range of safety goggles is brilliant for shielding your eyes from harm, whether in the medical field or a welding workspace. Find the right option for you with our best price guarantee.


How Do Safety Glasses Work?


The purpose of safety glasses is, as the name suggests, to keep your eyes safe. To offer as much protection as possible, the goggles are typically designed to cover the areas surrounding your eyes. This tends to take the form of a seal that wraps around the face, which can be referred to as safety glasses with side shields. The materials used generally consist of polycarbonate plastics or other similar variants. This is because the plastic is durable and relatively lightweight, and facilitates the implementation of vision correction powers in the lenses. Safety glasses are most commonly seen in scientific laboratories and carpenters workshops, as the goggles are excellent at keeping sawdust and chemicals away from your eyes. However, with the birth of COVID-19, a new use for safety glasses has been introduced. Owing to their bacteria-blocking capabilities, the potential of safety glasses has significantly increased, and the product has branched out into new markets, such as the medical world. As a result, demand has risen, and there is now more fierce competition to produce the ultimate pair of safety glasses Singapore. The optimal solution is to manufacture a pair that can incorporate prescription lenses.


Prescription Safety Glasses


The primary use for RX optical safety glasses is for work purposes. There are many jobs that require personal protective equipment at varying degrees. Options include safety glasses with side shields, safety goggles and face masks that cover the entire face. To work out which one is most appropriate for your tasks, check the guidelines in your country for their specific rules. The requirements tend to vary from country to country. On the whole, a face shield is recommended for those involved in woodwork, plumbing or machine operation. If you have a glasses prescription, it is well worth considering a pair of prescription safety glasses for the health and safety of not just you, but of those around you too. 


While we do not currently offer prescription safety goggles at SmartBuyGlasses, we do offer protective coatings, such as zFORT blue light blocking technology. This means that your eyes will not suffer from digital eye strain at work.


Safety Glasses for Sport


If you are a keen sportsman or woman with a visual impairment, you will need to think very carefully about the type of vision correction you opt for. An obvious choice to facilitate clarity of vision while engaging in physical activity is contact lenses. However, not everyone gets on with them, especially as they can often lead to dry eyes. A good solution is therefore sports safety glasses. These often have an elasticated band that wraps around the head to make sure the glasses don’t fall off and get damaged. They are also made of certain materials that prevent injury in the event of hard hitting impact. The materials will also ensure that the frames are lightweight and comfortable, so that they will not hinder your performance. Being able to see clearly is vital to winning or losing a sporting event, so take inspiration from plenty of professional athletes, and get yourself a pair of sports safety glasses too.


Safety Glasses for COVID-19


The spread of COVID-19 across the globe has been devastating. Key advice is to cover your nose and mouth with a mask to reduce infection rates. However, the eyes are still a vulnerable facial feature that the virus could potentially penetrate. It is therefore worth considering swapping your prescription glasses for safety glasses, or wearing safety goggles over the top. This will give you extra protection, which may come in particularly handy in high risk situations such as crowded areas or while on public transport. 


Wearing Safety Goggles Over Glasses


The concept of layering safety goggles over your regular prescription glasses is a really great option. First and foremost, it is more cost-effective, as fitting prescription lenses into safety goggles can be rather costly. This is particularly relevant if there is a chance your prescription may change in the near future, as that would require purchasing prescription safety goggles all over again. Another benefit of wearing glasses underneath is that safety goggles without prescription lenses are much more widely available on the market. 


One of the best perks of wearing safety goggles over glasses is that you don’t need to worry about your day-to-day frames getting damaged. Safety glasses are constructed with strong and sturdy materials that will effortlessly shield your normal glasses from danger. The only important thing to check when purchasing goggles to place on top of glasses, is that the goggles are wide enough to fit comfortably over the top of your specs. After all, you don’t want them getting squashed!


Another key thing to bear in mind when purchasing safety goggles is that you need to check their condition on a regular basis. Safety glasses are usually worn in harsh environments, and are susceptible to wear and tear, no matter how good a quality the manufacturing materials. It is therefore vital that you check them frequently for signs of damage, such as dents, scratches and cracks. As a general rule of thumb, you should think about replacing them often to reduce risk to your eye health - your sight is worth investing in!


Lab Safety Goggles


Laboratories are one of the most common places to find safety glasses, and this comes at no surprise. Your eyes need shielding from all sorts of substances, such as chemical irritants. Yet they also need protecting from radiation and, in some cases, UV light. You can therefore choose the lens that is most appropriate to the activities you participate in. At SmartBuyGlasses, your eye health is our number 1 priority. As a result, our safety goggles are made from polythene and polyvinyl chloride, which are lightweight and therefore far more comfortable than glass alternatives. In addition, the materials are incredibly durable, meaning that they will last a long time even under the strain of abrasion or physical contact. And as with all our glasses, our safety goggles feature a combination of lens coatings that are anti-fog, hydrophobic, shatter-resistant and dustproof. This ensures that you will have the clearest vision possible while working. 


Safety Goggles from SmartBuyGlasses


WJ20198: this visor protects the entire face, and is mainly used to block respiratory droplets, particularly when COVID-19 is a veritable danger. The mask is particularly practical, as you can easily slide it on and off when necessary. A final advantage of the face shield is that it is comfortably secured with an elastic headband. 


SL-60: these safety goggles are fabricated with top-notch materials to protect your eyes in a multitude of situations. The clear frame allows perfect vision, while the shape wraps around the sides of the face to offer maximum protection. The glasses are durable and strong thanks to the polyvinyl chloride material used to construct the frame. Plus, the lenses are coated to provide shock and splash resistance, and reduce the buildup of dust. Last but not least, you are guaranteed a comfortable fit, thanks to the four holes that the elastic band can slide through to adjust the tightness.


SL-09: Similar to the SL-60, these safety glasses offer full peripheral protection for the eyes. Just like a good pair of chemistry goggles, they will save you from harmful substances, whether chemical or coronavirus-infected. A comfortable fit is more than likely, and you can rest assured your optical hygiene will never be compromised once these goggles are safely secured. They also feature anti-fog, splash and shock coatings on the dustproof lenses.


Note that all come with a 100 day returns policy, 24 month warranty and best price guarantee.