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    Butterfly Glasses

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    Butterfly Glasses

    Many classic frames are making a comeback, so get ready to emerge from your cocoon with butterfly glasses


    The butterfly glasses frame was popular in the ‘50s and became a great fashion accessory. Women around the world felt like fashion icons as celebrities rocked butterfly sunglasses and glasses


    Now, butterfly glasses are modernized for both men and women to better fit any personal style. You can find a range of butterfly glasses with oversized frames or subtle thin frames that feature diverse and bold colours. 


    While butterfly frames have similarities to other retro styles, such as cat-eye glasses, they also have their unique style. Let’s explore the characteristics of butterfly glasses. 


    What are butterfly glasses?

    Butterfly glasses are a classic frame style that many brands have reinvented, like Chloe glasses


    Butterfly frames are shaped like butterfly wings and are usually smaller on the inside by your nose. The outer part of the frame is larger and can either be flat or have a small indent to show the separation between the upper and lower wings. 


    Butterfly glasses vary in shape and size. If you love an oversized butterfly shape, then Chloe butterfly frames are a great elegant choice. Our SmartBuy butterfly glasses come in many materials to give you a smart and subtle look with metal frames or a sharp bold style with thick frames. 


    Butterfly sunglasses are also found in various shapes and sizes! You can never go wrong with versatile, sophisticated Gucci frames. 


    But just like any other frame, you may be wondering if butterfly glasses will suit you and your face shape. Well, let’s have a look.


    What face shape do butterfly glasses suit?

    If you are not sure which frames best suit you, then discover your face shape to see which glasses help complement your features. 


    Face shapes include oval, round, square, or even heart-shaped faces. Butterfly glasses have an oversized frame that gives a chic and glamorous look. They best suit square faces, as they soothe facial features with a more oval frame. 


    But, as butterfly glasses vary in shape, people with oval and heart faces can also find a perfect pair with sharp angles. We recommend Tom Ford's butterfly glasses


    This doesn’t mean that other face shapes can’t look sleek with butterfly frames. If you aren’t sure, you can use our Virtual Try-On to see how butterfly glasses will look on you!


    Once you’ve found the right pair, follow a few easy steps to buy your butterfly glasses online with ease. Here’s how.


    Where to buy butterfly glasses?

    You’ve found the right pair of butterfly glasses, and now you want to add lens coatings and your prescription. 


    You can customize butterfly glasses with protective lens coatings such as anti-scratch, to avoid wear and tear, or zFORT® blue light technology to help prevent eye strain caused by excessive exposure to digital screens. 


    After you select the right protective coatings, you can add your prescription details. If you can’t remember them, use our lens scanner tool


    Although butterfly glasses have larger frames, and therefore require bigger lenses, many still allow for diverse prescriptions. The most common prescriptions are single vision and multifocal lenses, and luckily butterfly glasses can accommodate both. 

    Discover the great selection at SmartBuyGlasses to fly away with a new chic pair of butterfly glasses.