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    Titanium Glasses


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    Titanium Glasses

    Titanium Glasses are one of the most durable materials for prescription glasses. Known for their endurance and strength, titanium glasses frames are made from top-quality metal. Although we tend to think metal objects are heavy, titanium glasses are surprisingly lightweight. Thanks to their comfortable wear, you’ll hardly notice when you wear your titanium prescription glasses all day long! 


    Besides their lightness and durability, titanium glasses are also some of the most stylish frames out there! If you stay up to date with all the latest eyewear trends, you’ll know these glasses will make you look sleek and sophisticated.


    Thanks to their minimalist look, titanium frame glasses come in a range of different shapes and styles. To make your eyes pop, take a look at our range of round titanium glasses and add some colours such as pink or orange to really stand out from the crowd. 


    Can titanium glasses break?

    The low density of titanium is what makes these glasses so lightweight and durable. Titanium glasses can withstand small accidents and will last you a lifetime if treated well. Titanium glasses have multiple benefits to them making them the perfect material to go for. Some of their benefits include:


    • Durability 

    • Lightweight 

    • Flexibility 

    • Corrosion resistant 

    • Hypoallergenic 


    Are titanium glasses frames worth it?

    For the perfect pair of prescription glasses, it’s definitely worth investing in a pair of titanium glasses. Contrary to belief, titanium glasses are available at affordable prices, so they’re accessible to everyone. For a pair of sturdy and stylish designer glasses, take a look at what Oakley has to offer. Or, if you’re dying to get your hands on some new titanium glasses but need something a little more affordable, shop from SmartBuy Collection

    What are you waiting for? Shop our range of kids, women’s and men's titanium glasses frames online at SmartBuyGlasses for the best prices guaranteed!