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Why You Should Choose Single Vision Lenses

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Why You Should Choose Single Vision Lenses

What are single vision lenses? Single vision lenses are perfect for daily activities that involve long or near distance vision, such as reading and working at the computer. If you noted a slight deterioration of your vision, you should visit your local optician for a check-up. He or she might suggest you wear single vision glasses or even contact lenses. Single vision lenses are extremely easy to fit in any frame, choose an oversize model from Dolce & Gabbana or a cat-eye frame shape by Ralph Lauren. We can guarantee the best prices for all the designer glasses on our virtual shelves. Shop now a model from your favourite designer for less. At SmartBuyGlasses Singapore you are sure to find the best quality at an affordable price. We are proud to have on our shelves the top brands in the eyewear world for the best prices as well as a wide range of affordable glasses. Have a look now and enjoy an amazing new pair of eyeglasses with single vision lenses.


What are single vision lenses?

Single vision lenses are a kind of eyeglasses lens that only offer one type of vision correction. That means, in general, that they work for people who see better at a single vision distance (myopia or astigmatism), but not both. At SmartBuyGlasses we have over 7000 models that can perfectly fit single vision lenses, you just need to find the perfect one. Explore our website and use our filter to find exactly what you have been looking for easily and rapidly. You can filter the over 7000 models by colour, shape, brand and so on. Start exploring the website now and find the best model for your prescription glasses. There is almost too much to choose from on our online store.


Progressive Lenses vs Single Vision

Single vision glasses usually help you see better at a single distance while bifocal lenses are divided into two sections to accommodate both visual impediments. Usually, single vision lenses are cheaper than bifocal lenses. If you’re curious about the several different types of single vision lenses that we have and what makes them different from multifocal lenses and so on you can have a look here. If you suffer from near-sightedness or farsightedness problems, then single vision prescription lenses will help you have perfect vision


Our Team Recommendation For Single Vision Lenses 

Have a look at this pink Gucci GG0025O model if you want a new single vision pair of glasses that are both practical and vintage. This retro cat-eye frame is perfect to enhance the oval face shape. You can shop this model in 4 different colours. Try it on using our Virtual Try-On tool and choose the best colour to match your coolest outfits. Purchase this acetate model in red with single vision lenses. You can be elegant and protected with our 2-year warranty. Buy it now for the best price.

SmartBuy Collection Chade is the best option for a new affordable pair of single vision glasses. Made from plastic this unisex model is available in grey, blue and green. Choose to wear this colourful and fun frame this season. This model comes with a special anti-glare and scratch-resistant coating. Choose SmartBuy Collection Chade as your new pair of prescription glasses. 

At SmartBuyGlasses we focus on quality and style, which is why we love this Givenchy VGV942C model. This acetate black frame is very classic and comfortable, perfect for those who wear glasses all day. Try on these glasses online now, you can not find a better price on any other website. Buy it now and enjoy a 2-year warranty.


About Our Lenses

In our online store, all the designer eyeglasses come with anti-scratch and anti-reflection coatings included. When you shop for your eyeglasses, you can choose between our quality house brand lenses and the premium Arise Clarity collection lenses.  Our licensed professional opticians provide 100% precision and the best quality for all prescription glasses lens fitting. We have single, bifocal, or progressive lenses. In our store, we offer a wide range of lens materials. To know more about this interesting subject you can read this article here. For any other questions about lenses, eyeglasses, eye care and more have a look at our optical centre. You can also speak with one of our in-house opticians by sending a message through the “ask the optical” tool. Our experts, as well as our customer service agents, are very happy to help you buy the best pair of glasses that match all your eyewear needs and desires.


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