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Why Adjustable Nose Pads For Glasses Are Important

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Why Adjustable Nose Pads For Glasses Are Important

Let's set the record straight, not all glasses have adjustable nose pads and not all nose pads for glasses are the same. Glasses with nose pads are incredibly more comfortable to wear compared to glasses that do not have them. Choosing to buy glasses with nose pads is the right thing to do if you need to wear glasses all day. The aim of nose pads is to keep the eyeglasses comfortably sitting on your nose without sliding down. The material of your nose pad can change comfort and functionality. The most popular nose pad materials are silicone and polycarbonate. Silicone nose pads are loved by many because they are soft and comfortable. On the other hand, silicone nose pads might be slippery unless textured. Polycarbonate nose pads can be slimmer, lighter, and more resistant to facial chemicals.


Adjustable Nose Pads For Glasses

If you are looking for a comfortable new pair of eyewear you need to choose a frame with nose pads. At SmartBuyGlasses we have over 3000 models that have this feature. Choose comfort without giving up on style. On our online store, you can find glasses with nose pads from your favourite designer brands for less. Shop a new pair of Tom Ford glasses with adjustable nose pads or maybe an Alexander McQueen chic new pair of glasses with silicone nose pads. However, if you are looking for something less expensive you can always find amazing and high-quality cheap glasses here. The SmartBuy Collection is the ideal choice if you want comfortable, stylish, and affordable new eyewear. The SmartBuy Collection offers more than 400 models of glasses with nose pads starting from only S$12.


Our Team Recommendation

SmartBuy Collection Lita is a durable and light model made of metal that features glasses nose pads. You can purchase this elegant model on SmartBuyGlasses in seven different colours. This frame comes with special anti-glare and scratch-resistant coatings. This model is the ideal choice for your new prescription glasses. Buy it now and enjoy a 2-year warranty.


The Tom Ford FT5504 is yet another example of this eyeglasses brand's attention and care for design and materials. These squared full rim glasses from the Oscar-nominated designer will make you look sophisticated and trendy at the same time. Shop this Tom Ford eyewear with our best price guarantee at SmartBuyGlasses now.


Arise Collective Classic C2 is one of the most popular designs in this amazingly well-crafted collection. Refresh your office look with this amazing new pair of glasses with nose pads. This model has a classic metal frame in gold and black and comes with standard lenses. Shop it now and enjoy a trendy and comfortable new pair of glasses with nose pads.


Why Choose Adjustable Nose Pads 

The arms, the lenses and the nose bridge are the main components of any eyewear. Sometimes glasses can have extra features like nose pads.  Not all glasses nose pads are identical, for example, some nose pads made of plastic can be of low quality. If the nose pad is not properly made it won’t stop the glasses from falling off your face. Choosing spectacles nose pads will make you forget those annoying marks that glasses sometimes leave on the nose. The best benefit of wearing nose pads for glasses is that the pads make the glasses frame adjustable. This quality is particularly good for people with progressive or bifocal lenses as the lenses need to line up with their pupils, and some people use the nose pads to adjust the lens position if they are spending lots of time reading instead of using distance correction. Discover our online store and try on all the models with nose pads that you like thanks to our innovative “Virtual Try-On tool”. All you need to do is record a short selfie-video and then you will be able to see what you look like with your new favourite frames. For more information about nose pads and eye care, you can always check the optical centre on our website or use the “ask the Optician” tool to get in touch with our experts. Send them a message and ask everything you want to know. Our team is very competent and professional and loves to help our customers. You can also get in touch with one of our customer service agents thanks to the live chat tool available on our website. They will be rapidly back to you with all the answers.

How to Fix Nose Pads on Glasses

Fixing the nose pads can be quite easy. On most occasions, you will simply tweak the nose pads by yourself comfortably from your own house with no need to visit an optician or a glasses shop. If your nose pads are not fitting as well as before, bear in mind that adjusting your current nose pads is cheaper than fixing the whole frame and of course way more affordable than buying a brand-new pair of glasses.  Nose pads can also be easily replaced, you can go to your local optician and ask to swap your plastic nose pads with new silicon ones. Most of the anti slip nose pads are easily removable. Choose the nose pad material to match your needs now. It is  good practice to replace the nose pads every few years. Having the same anti slip nose pads for glasses for too long will affect the comfort of your eyewear. They can get worn out and become less comfy over time. If you purchase new eyeglasses nose pads, it is advised you choose a clear colour to remain invisible, or a colour that matches the frame so that they blend in.