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Masunaga Glasses

Japan is the biggest manufacturer of optical frames, and within Japan, Fukui is where 97% of the manufacturing takes place. Needless to say, Masunaga Optical originates from Fukui. The brand started in 1905 and has taken over the world of eyewear. Their skilled craftsmanship has made them extremely popular both online and offline. Not many people know, but there are over 200 manual steps in making an optical frame that is both quality and luxury, and Masunaga Optical is the uncrowned king of this craftsmanship. 


What frame shapes can I choose when buying Masunaga glasses?


When buying Masunaga glasses, you are presented with a good number of designs that you can choose for yourself. Their stores are spread all over the world, and you can also order their frames online. Their most popular frame shapes are Monk, Bird, and Bay Bridge. These shapes are the perfect mix of traditional and modern. 


How do I find the best-fitting glasses?


Finding the best-fitting glasses online isn’t hard, but you do need a little effort. The first step is to measure your face. You can easily find a tutorial to do that online. The second step is to know which face shaping you possess. It will help you pick out the perfect frame shape for your face. Lastly, choose the color of your frame according to your skin tone; this will help your frame elevate the features of your face, making your glasses look well-fitted. 


What frame material will be most comfortable for me?


When it comes to eyewear frames, there are many types and materials to choose from, for example, Titanium, Monel, Flexon, Stainless steel, and Aluminum. The best and most lightweight yet durable material is Titanium. It is also the most popular and comfortable of all the other materials in the eyewear market. However, if you are looking for more flexible frames, you should probably go with Flexon, an alloy of Titanium.