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Oh My Woodness! eyewear collection NEW & EXCLUSIVE to SmartBuyGlasses
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Oh My Woodness! eyewear collection NEW & EXCLUSIVE to SmartBuyGlasses

Oh My Woodness! eyewear collection NEW & EXCLUSIVE to SmartBuyGlasses

SmartBuyGlasses is excited to introduce a brand new in-house wooden eyewear brand! The Oh My Woodness! sunglasses brand is the newest addition to our house brand family, exclusive to SmartBuyGlasses.

 wooden eyewearwooden eyewearwooden eyewear

Oh My Woodness! is our first wooden eyewear brand, made up of hand crafted wooden framed sunglasses. Taking inspiration from nature itself, Oh My Woodness! adds a quirky twist to classic eyewear styles. This brand would make a perfect gift for someone with alternative, quirky tastes, or be a unique addition to your existing eyewear collection. What sets Oh My Woodness! apart from the humdrum of ordinary eyewear is the unique use of wood as a frame material. Traditional sunglass frames are usually made out of plastic or lightweight metal. Using wood as a frame material is both practical and stylish; it makes the eyewear both lightweight and eye-catching, without being too ostentatious.

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Oh My Woodness! sunglasses come in traditional shapes such as the classic wayfarer, half-frame and round styles, framed in a variety of different wood finishes and colours. The frame colours are various shades of muted, sophisticated browns and beiges that makes the collection extremely wearable. Frame materials are meticulously crafted, ranging from walnut wood with red accents, natural zebra wood to 3 colour bamboo. Lenses come in mirrored, polarised, black, as well as colour tinted options to give an extra ‘something’ to your eyewear look. The classic shapes of the sunglasses are elevated by the wooden frames, giving a distinctive yet chic flair to any outfit. Ideal for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd, the Oh My Woodness! sunglasses are a worthy

A04-3 Polarized 13C

wooden eyewear

     C03 004

wooden eyewear

LS1001 Polarized



           LS1044 Polarized


LS2146 Zebra Brown


The Wooden Trend

In recent years, wooden eyewear has become increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional, plastic frame glasses. For the fashion-forward, normal plastic framed eyewear is no longer enough of a statement. Experimenting in different frame materials, whilst maintaining a minimalist design, ensures the eyewear looks unique, yet sophisticated. This is why so many designers from Palens to Raleri have turned to nature for their inspiration. Wood is a unique material, quite unlike any other, because of its intrinsic texture quality. Because every piece of wood has different textures, patterns and colours, it means that no two pairs of eyewear created from them are the same. It means that every piece of eyewear is unique; its appearance is guided by natural forces rather than human design. The wearer is able to achieve a level of individuality in their look that plastic frame eyewear cannot provide.

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Oh My Woodness! is a unique and distinctive brand that blends natural materials with modern aesthetics. They are wearable without being boring. They are quirky without being over-the-top. And most importantly, they are meticulously hand crafted to ensure that they are of an optimal quality.

Take a look at the Oh My Woodness! collection here! And follow the Instagram account here!



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