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Oh My Woodness! Sunglasses



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Oh My Woodness! Sunglasses

Wood frame glasses are the coolest kind of eyewear to wear this season. Choose our sustainable brands Oh My Woodness and buy now the best eco friendly products in Singapore. Our exclusive Oh My Woodness Collection offers you more than 40 amazing wooden frame glasses in different styles and vibe. Starting from only S$34.50 the Oh My Woodness Collection is affordable, super cool and sustainable. How much can you ask for?

Oh My Woodness Collection: Sustainable Brands Singapore

At our online store, you can find vintage wood glasses, modern wood full rim models, and much more. Whether you were looking for a specific pair of sunglasses or not, we are sure that you will find it on our website.  All our models are made with the best material that you can ask for. Buy now a new amazing pair of wood frame glasses to be the coolest person on the beach this summer. This summer to be the trendiest one you need to wear sustainable wooden glasses. In this collection, you can shop amazing sunglasses for both women and men. Some of the frames from this collection combine wood and metal to give the eyewear a more modern look. With all the frames from our exclusive Oh My Woodness Collection, you have a 24 month backed warranty. Scroll through

 the Oh My Woodness page now and find the top sustainable ethical sunglasses brand in Singapore

Eco Friendly Products Singapore: Oh My Woodness Sunglasses

SmartBuyGlasses Singapore has been collaborating with Eden Reforestation Projects for many years. With our partnership, we are trying to make a strong impact and reverse environmental devastation. SmartBuyGlasses Singapore decided that with every frame sold from our exclusive Oh My Woodness collection we will support plant life-saving trees in Haiti, Madagascar, or Nepal. SmartBuyGlasses jointly with Eden Reforestation is doing as much as possible to combat deforestation and give vital supplies to some of the most vulnerable persons in those regions. At SmartBuyGlasses, we want to give our shoppers the opportunity to buy sustainable sunglasses for less. We are pleased and delighted to say that we have been assisting the Eden Reforestation Project by planting one tree for every pair of wood sunglasses sold on our website.

Virtual Try-On Experience 

The 3D virtual try-on tool, for instance, gives the shoppers the opportunity to see themself wearing more than 1000 models from well-known eyewear designers in a 180-degree vision. This tool allows the customer to see how the shape looks on as well as give the customer the opportunity to share the try-on experience pictures with friends and family in just a few clicks to receive instant feedback about the glasses.

Oh My Woodness! Sunglasses Our Team Picks 

If you are looking for vintage sunglasses the Forest Polarized is the perfect pick for you. Round wood sunglasses are the hippiest thing ever. This model is strong, flexible, and long-lasting. Shop it now for only S$34.50 to get free 100-day returns. The Forest Polarize is suitable for both men and women. 


Oh My Woodness! Hainich C1 LS2178 is one of the most popular models of the Oh My Woodness collection. This model offers category 1 protection from UV rays. You can always add prescription lenses to all our Oh My Woodness! All you need to do is follow the easy steps at the checkout to have your new pair of prescription sunglasses delivered to your doorsteps. 


Crafted just for you, the Oh My Woodness! The Goreme Polarized is a great addition to your glasses collection. The Goreme Polarized fashionable look is carefully created to ensure that you always look, and feel great. Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays whilst looking stylish in the charming Black Wood frame, paired with the Plastic lens in Grey Polarized.

The Optical Center 

Buying prescription lenses indeed can be very expensive as well as hard without optician support. Eye impediments like myopia and astigmatism require specific and, in some cases, even expensive lenses. Specific eye problems can compromise vision and one of the greatest ways to fix such problems is using prescription and glasses. At SmartBuyGlasses.sg we have answered customers’ desire for support while buying prescription lenses with the “Ask The Optician'' online consulting tool. Giving customers the opportunity to speak with a qualified optician before the purchase is a valid strategy to build trust within customers. On the optical center page, you can also find a lot of useful articles about eyeglasses, sunglasses and eye care.

Shop By Personality Guide 

Scroll through our shop by personality page now to discover the best stylish and trends of this season. Have a look at the SmartBuyGlasses Lookbook: for every personality you will find fantastic designer sunglasses suggestions. Every character type described in the look book is also paired with a particular frame from some of our most popular collections available in our online store. You can also find out the celebrities who wore that pair of glasses before. Buying sunglasses has never been so easy. Our look book is a great idea to find inspiration. If you are looking for inspiration, you cannot miss our newsletter. Subscribe now to be the first to have our special promotions and discounts on over 200 eyewear brands and contact lenses. When you subscribe you will also receive Weekly content on all things eyewear, from useful eye health tips to the latest fashion trends. If you are crazy about the eyewear you should also have a look at our Instagram and Facebook page

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