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Plano Lenses: For Eyes That Do Not Require Visual Correction

What are Plano Lenses?

Glasses with no prescription are called Plano lensesmeaning they have no visual correcting power.


When might we see one on our optician’s prescription? 

Well, if only one of our eyes requires correction, we may be given a pair of glasses that has only one corrective lens for the affected eye, and a plano lens for the healthy eye.

If so, your prescription for that eye may read “SPH”, “PL”, “PLANO”, or “00”.

They all mean the same thing: the lens has no corrective power.


Do I need plano lenses?

People who wear plano lenses usually wear them purely for cosmetic reasons, without any need for vision correction.

Normally, glasses frames without a prescription come with a pair of cheap plastic demo lenses.

However, these should always be replaced with real plano lenses because demo lenses are not suitable for wearing and can actually damage your eyes. 

Although the price of plano lenses are about the same as normal prescription lenses, wearing a pair of plano lenses is the only safe way to wear non-corrective lenses.

Our plano lenses offer a variety of protective coatings, such as anti-scratch, and they also block out harmful UV lighting. You can also choose plano colored lenses for engaging in activities that require colored lenses.



Plano Contact Lenses

Another example of plano lenses are colored contacts.

Generally speaking, contact lenses are always corrective and manufactured according to the customer’s individual requirements, but colored contact lenses for cosmetic purposes may not be. 

Aside from this, plano contact lenses need to be treated in exactly the same way as normal contacts should be: that means always handling them with clean hands, using disinfecting solution to protect your eyes from bacteria, and keeping the contact lens clean by washing it with sterile solution.  

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