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How To Tell If My Glasses Are Blue Light

You've recently bought a pair of blue light glasses to help improve your vision and reduce eye strain while using digital devices. They look like any other prescription glasses, and you want to know if they work. So, how do you tell if your glasses are blue light?

In this article, we'll walk you through how you can check whether or not your glasses have a blue light filter on the lenses. We'll cover the essential aspects of how you can quickly tell if your glasses are blue light from your home. If you have doubts, you can also consult your optician or ask our opticians

How to check my blue light glasses?

When you want to check if your glasses are blue light, you can try the following:

RGB colour chart

When looking at this image with your blue light glasses, the blue circle should be very dark, if not black. Read more about this test and everything you need to know about what are blue light glasses

The blue sky test

Wait for a clear day, then point your glasses at the sky. The lenses appear clear when worn normally, but they have a little yellow tint when they filter blue light. 

You can observe the light being filtered when looking through the lenses at a bright blue sky. Computer glasses, for example, often have a faint yellow tint in the lenses and usually block out 30% of blue light. 

Yellow tinted lenses

Depending on the types of glasses and use, there are various types of lens tints and levels of blue light blocking. 

Gaming glasses, for example, can come with yellow or amber tints which filter blue light to help enhance your vision and gaming performance. Be sure to read all about what gaming glasses are and see if you need them. But why exactly are the lenses yellow?

Why are my blue light glasses yellow?

Our eyes can't properly filter out blue light, and we are surrounded by it in and out of our homes. That's why we use blue light lenses. Blue light is filtered out by the yellow lenses and changes the kind of light that reaches your eyes.

Not all blue light blocking glasses have a yellow tint, but the darker the tint, the more efficient the glasses are. The yellow tint helps filter the harsh blue light while letting other light pass through.  

However, keep in mind that the technology used for blue light varies by manufacturer, so these tests do not guarantee that your glasses are blue light blockers! It's always best to check the packaging, and directly contact the place you purchased the glasses.

Why are my blue light glasses so reflective?

Blue light glasses can be reflective due to the coating on the lenses that reflect the wavelength of light. If your blue light glasses are reflective, they filter blue light, which means they work. 

Your blue light lenses will have different layers, each reflecting a specific range of light that helps reduce glare on the lens surface.

The light reflected off different types of coatings can be blue or even purple, depending on the manufacturer's specific coatings. Anti-reflective quality is higher when there is a lower reflection on the lenses. You can see the reflections if you hold up your glasses in front of a light source, which is not very noticeable when wearing them. 


You've read the benefits of wearing blue light glasses and have finally bought a pair, but you're wondering how and if they work. There are various ways how to tell if your glasses are blue light and see if they are working. 

Following this guide, you can comfortably test your blue light glasses at home with either the RBG colour chart or the blue sky test. Blue light lenses usually have a tint and are reflective, which ensures that the blue wavelength is reduced. 

So why not try it out yourself and learn all there is to know about blue light glasses and more eye care tips in our Optical Center.