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    Clip On Sunglasses



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    Clip On Sunglasses

    If you are wondering where to buy clip on sunglasses in Singapore, you have come to the right place. SmartBuyGlasses has plenty on offer, and all with a best price guarantee. 


    Clip on sunglasses Singapore get more and more popular every year. This is because not only are they stylish, they are also incredibly practical. With just one pair of frames, you can switch the clip on lens to be clear for work or polarized for driving. Read on to find out everything you need to know.


    Clip on sunglasses come in two types. The first option is to buy a clip on sunglasses lens that can be attached to your current optical frames, thereby transforming your glasses into sunglasses. The second option is to buy clip on frames from the outset. Online you can buy a set of four clip on lenses that perfectly match the frame. This means you can wear the appropriate eyewear whatever you’re doing, and it’s incredibly cost effective. Clip on sunglasses are particularly great for those with a prescription, as they become prescription sunglasses for a fraction of the cost. 


    For high end clip on sunglasses we recommend the Ray-Ban Aviator clip on sunglasses as they suit every face shape. You can find equally fashionable clip on sunglasses from Tom Ford, such as these round shapes. Note that all designers come with a best price guarantee.


    For a more budget friendly option consider the SmartBuy Collection set of four, such as the Connely model. This offers you blue light protection for working at computers, yellow tinted lenses for driving, polarized sunglasses and a fourth set which are both mirrored and polarized. 


    If you already have a pair of glasses you like, take a look at the Montana Collection offered exclusively at SmartBuyGlasses. They feature clip on sunglasses lenses in a variety of shapes so that you can attach them to your current frames, and there are plenty of lens types to choose from, such as the C1 Clip On Polarized C.