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Tortoiseshell lens color Sinner Sunglasses

Since 1996 SINNER has represented modernity and innovation in style. As an eyewear company with sport sunglasses, Sinner sunglasses are equipped with the finest technology and were designed in collaboration with world-class athletes and prominent artists. Sinner polarised sunglasses are featured in all types of models that are designed for sports ranging from cycling to skiing.

SmartBuyGlasses offers the widest range of Sinner eyewear, at unbeatable prices.SINNER has a unique range of ski goggles for women, men, children and eyeglass wearers. Our ski goggles not only look cool, but also have the best lens technology for protecting your eyes.These Sinner Intruder goggles are one of our new arrivals, and they just evoke the blissful feeling of skiing down a pristine slope in frosty sunlight. With their Matte Black frames and Double Red Vent lenses, they’re the perfect gift to get for someone special during the ski season.