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Rose-gold lens color Ray-Ban Sunglasses

If you are looking for a classy, timeless piece of high quality eyewear, Ray-Ban sunglasses are the ones to go for. The brand has fully deserved its legendary reputation, with frames manufactured with the finest Italian craftsmanship. There are Ray-Ban glasses frames in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can use our face shape guide to find out which styles will suit you best, and then browse the selection! There are models for women, men and even the youngsters in the family. Keeping your eyes protected from the sun should always be a top priority, so why not do it in style with designer Ray-Bans at the best prices with SmartBuyGlasses.


Ray-Ban Sunglasses: A History


Bausch and Lomb initially launched the Ray-Ban brand back in 1936. The name is quite fitting, as the aim of the product was to literally ban the rays seen by pilots. After all, when flying up high, exposure to the sun’s UV rays is greatly increased. With the brand’s roots in the aviation industry, it is no surprise that their most iconic model of all time is the Ray-Ban Aviator. 


The aviator model was boosted to fame by a variety of Hollywood celebrities during the 50s. Actors and musicians could often be seen wearing the frames, and the company took the hint. Ray-Ban soon launched the Wayfarer style and Clubmaster design, which equally grew in popularity.


In the late nineties, Ray-Ban joined the Luxottica group, and their innovative frame designs have kept on coming! You can now find a wide range of Ray-Ban models in a variety of shapes and colours. For example, a retro look can be harnessed with Ray-Ban round glasses frames. With so much on offer, it was inevitable that the brand would continue to thrive year on year, and is still one of the most iconic designers out there. In their contemporary collection, there is quite literally something for everyone under the sun!


Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Women


No matter your fashion sense, there is a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses to suit you. All your friends will be left in awe over your excellent taste in eyewear. There are so many styles on offer, it can be tricky to work out where to begin. A good starting point is the infinitely classes Erika collection, available with plenty of lens types and frame colors. And in this case, plenty of frame colors is an understatement. In the Erika collection, there are 10! See how they look on you with our virtual try on feature!


For further inspiration, remember the style icon Jackie Kennedy? Chanel the look yourself with a pair of Jackie Ohh sunglasses, a line of frames named after the fashion legend herself. With this model of sunglasses, you can let the frames do the talking. There is a wide range of colors to show off your unique character, from tortoise to grey or even black. 


Have we left you wanting more? The collection on offer at SmartBuyGlasses is endless! For further inspiration, take a sneak peek at the RB4165 Justin sunglasses and RB3025 aviators. It is worth noting that Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses can correct all sorts of sight problems, from astigmatism to presbyopia. 


Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men


The Ray-Ban collection features a pair of sunglasses for every man. Whether you are seeking a cool and sleek look to match your white jeans on holiday, or a sporty pair to keep you protected while cycling or hiking. Or perhaps you are a classy businessman travelling the world, or need a good quality pair of lenses that won’t break the minute you head out to play with your children. Whoever you are, whatever your style, there is a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses for you. 


To begin your search for the perfect pair of lenses, there is of course the iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarer and Ray-Ban Clubmaster. These two models are never out of fashion, and are undoubtedly some of the most popular. You can also strike a great look with the Ray-Ban Aviators: they are bound to match any outfit and any occasion. Or, you can push the boat out and go for something different. Browse the range and you are sure to find something that is just perfect for you. You can start by checking our face shape guide to see which frame shape will best match your features. Once you start scrolling through the options, we recommend a glance at the RB2140F and RB3447. The great thing about these sunnies is that they are polarized. This feature protects your eyes from glare, which can be particularly useful when practising certain sports. For more information on whether Ray-Ban polarized sunglasses are for you, read our guide here.


Ray-Ban Unisex Sunglasses


Ray-Ban certainly does not discriminate when it comes to mens and womens sunglasses. Many of their models are so popular, and are suitable for both genders. This makes it nice and easy to steal your partner’s sunnies when you forget yours on holiday! 


One of the most highly recommended unisex sunglasses are the Ray-Ban Aviators. The metal frames are lightweight and comfortable, as well as durable enough to last a lifetime! You can even add extra protection by having the lenses polarized. 


Another popular choice for unisex sunglasses are the Ray-Ban round sunglasses. The shape is flattering on absolutely everyone, and adds a touch of retro to any outfit. You can choose from a range of frame colors, and adjust the nose pads to prevent them slipping off while you’re having fun at the seaside. In addition, the temples are thin, as light as a feather, and therefore blissfully comfortable. Plus, the frames have a light plastic coating to reduce slippage and irritation behind the ears. And last but not least, the hinges are flexible, meaning that they will fit all sorts of face shapes perfectly. 


So what are you waiting for? Browse the collection now to find the most amazing sunglasses for all the family! Quite literally - here is an introduction to the Ray-Ban junior range!


Ray-Ban Kids Sunglasses


The best three qualities in Ray-Ban sunglasses for kids are that they are lightweight, protective and durable. Their weightlessness means that your child will pretty much forget they are wearing them because they are so comfortable. Then if any accidents do happen as a result of their unawareness of having frames perched on their face, the plastic frames are strong enough to withstand lots of damage! This means the frames will last as long as possible, even on the most active of children. And finally, the lenses of course offer 100% protection from the sun’s UV rays. 


An extra bonus about the Ray-Ban children’s range is that you can find the same iconic models from the original collection in junior sizes! This means your kids can match your classy sunglasses looks. Check out the Ray-Ban RJ9506S Aviators, the Ray-Ban RJ9050S Clubmaster sunglasses, or Ray-Ban RJ9537S round sunglasses, all fit for kids!


Shop Cheap Ray-Ban Sunglasses Singapore


Don’t wait another second! Get shopping now to make the most of our price match guarantee, 100 day returns policy and 2 year warranty. If you would like any advice about prescription sunglasses, take a moment to browse our articles in the Optical Center. There is plenty of information about eyecare and health. This is officially eyewear made easy.