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Clear lens color Oakley Sunglasses



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Clear lens color Oakley Sunglasses

The Origins of Oakley Sunglasses


Oddly enough, the iconic sunglasses brand we know today started out as a rubber grip for motocross bikes. Their creator was James Jannard, known to most as Jim. As a motocross enthusiast, he invented the solution to slippery handle bars by developing a one-of-a-kind rubber material called Unobtanium. The product then evolved into what was known as the “Oakley Grip”, which forms the basis for most types of bike handles even in the present day. Fun fact: the name Oakley derives from Jim’s beloved dog named Oakley Anne.


The bike handles were later developed into goggles for motocross and dirt biking. The Oakley Goggle offered multiple colour schemes to offer various benefits in the cycling world. Jim then took the logical step to branch out into other markets. The goggles were soon seen on the ski slopes, cycle paths, running races and high streets as they eventually evolved into a fashion staple.


The first Oakley sunglasses to be created were the Oakley Lite and Factory Pilot Eyeshades. These styles were manufactured with sportsmen in mind, and the brand still works closely with athletes today. Partnered sportspeople will try the eyewear during training and report back to Oakley for improvements. 


It was incredible that only one year passed before Oakley released its first lifestyle sunglasses: the Oakley Frogskins. Within just 6 years, the eyewear business went from launching its first ski goggle in 1983 to showcasing the 1989 Mumbo frame. The latter is more commonly referred to today as the M-frame, and continues to be a best-seller.


Oakley Prescription Sunglasses


While Oakley is the go-to brand for both fashion and sport, it also caters for a whole host of visual impairments. Once you have chosen the style of frame you want to go for, simply head to the checkout and upload your prescription. Whether you need progressive lenses or bifocals, you can find all the lens types made with high quality materials. The glasses are sure to last you for years to come, especially as the frames have been crafted to endure extreme conditions and intense physical activity year after year.


Extra benefits offered by Oakley sunglasses include an aerodynamic shape to ensure top performance and comfort in whatever activity you are doing. The advanced lens technology known as Stealth also guarantees UV protection and the best clarity of vision imaginable. This is facilitated through the anti-reflective coating on the lens. It aims to reduce glare as well as smudges, which means the sunglasses should remain cleaner and clearer for longer. 


Oakley Polarized Sunglasses


If anti-glare is particularly important to your daily activities, we highly recommend opting for a polarized pair of Oakley sunglasses. The fundamental trait of a polarized lens is that it shields you from the sun’s rays that hit you from a horizontal angle. This occurs near reflective surfaces, such as water. However, it has been known to happen in traffic, with the sun’s light bouncing off car bumpers, and hindering cyclists and runners. When the light rays reflect horizontally, they combine with the omnipresent vertical rays, causing too much light to enter your eye at once, creating a blinding effect referred to as glare. A polarized lens can therefore be a better option because it will protect you from such danger. 


When buying polarized lenses, you can rest assured that Oakley is a good option, thanks to its HD polarized technology. Oakley’s fabrication process makes sure that the polarization is centred on both eyes, meaning up to 99% of glare is avoided. Another benefit is that Oakley inputs polarization into one single lens, whereas other manufacturers will slot a polarization filter between two layers of lenses. This can hinder optical quality. As a result, Oakley is highly worth considering when purchasing polarized sunglasses, as the brand manages to go beyond 100% protection from the sun’s harmful rays.


However, don’t be fooled into thinking that a polarized lens is always a better option. It is only useful for certain activities in certain environments, such as near water. For example, the Oakley Prizm Deep Water and Shallow Water lenses are polarized and amazing for anyone involved in fishing. Nevertheless, polarization is definitely not recommended for ball sports where hand-eye coordination is required. This is because the lens type can alter depth perception. To offer a solution to this conundrum, Oakley have provided the Prizm Sport lenses, which are not polarized. On the whole, it is good to get polarized lenses for the extra protection, but as explained, it is not for everyone. The brand therefore offers the Prizm Everyday Lenses, which can be non-polarized or polarized. It’s up to you! For more information on polarization, read our guide here.


Oakley Sports Sunglasses


Right from the beginning, the Oakley brand has been all about sport. By engaging athletes in their manufacturing process, the company is constantly innovating and improving their products. There is such a range of sunglasses now that you can almost find a unique pair for every sport under the sun. There are Oakley Cycling Sunglasses, Oakley Baseball Sunglasses, Oakley Fishing Sunglasses, Oakley Golf Sunglasses… The list is endless; when it comes to sports, Oakley doesn’t miss a trick.


Best Sellers from the Oakley Singapore


Oakley Sutro Sunglasses


Remember the motocross grips the founder of Oakley made with his Unobtanium rubber invention? You can find the exact same material in the nose pads of these excellent performance sunglasses. The innovation comes to the wearer’s rescue by preventing slippage, even through perspiration. Aside from ingenious nose pads, these frames are as light as a feather: you are bound to almost forget you are wearing them, they are so comfortable! And looks-wise, they offer cyclists a show-stopping, confident outlook, whether on or off the wheels.


Oakley 1980s Sunglasses


Popular since 1980, these green sunglasses have proved that they can stand the test of time! They were the brand’s first performance frame, and were released in a special edition for the athletes competing in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. 


Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses


Perhaps the most sought-after style of Oakley glasses, the Holbrook offers the ultimate combination of fashion and adventure. The classic design that never goes out of style was inspired by celebrities from the mid 1900s. 


Cheap Oakley Sunglasses


Dreaming of owning a pair of Oakley sunglasses Singapore but worried about the price tag? Fear not. Head to the deals section of our website and filter by brand. If you’re lucky, a range of Oakley sunglasses on sale will appear before you! But be careful, great deals don’t last forever! Follow us on facebook and instagram, or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about discounts on Oakley Sunglasses. 


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