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What Are Spring Hinge?

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What Are Spring Hinge?

There are two types of hinges: standard or barrel hinge or spring hinge. However, you can rarely find glasses with no hinge at all. The Glasses hinge is one of the most important parts of a frame. The hinges of glasses allow the temples to fold, and they also influence the way your frames fit you. At SmartBuyGlasses Singapore you can find over 1000 models that have spring hinges. You just need to explore our website to find what you have been looking for. You can go for a squared frame with spring hinges from Tom Ford or maybe you can choose to wear a clear frame designed by Tommy Hilfiger. If you have a small budget but you do not want to give up comfort and quality, you can have a look at the over 100 models from SmartBuyGlasses. On our shelves, you can find high-quality glasses featuring spring hinges from only S$19.50.  Start exploring now and find the best pair of glasses with a spring hinge. On our online store, you will find a large range of high-quality materials, shapes and styles. Finding the perfect model has never been so easy thanks to our Virtual Try-On tool as well as our useful size guide. We created this section on our website to help you find the perfect size when selecting your pair of eyeglasses. You can also check out our new shape face guide to get a lot of advice about the best shapes to enhance your face type. This section will help you understand what type of face you have and which frames are going to look gorgeous on you.

Why Choose Glasses Featuring Spring Hinge?

Choosing to wear Glasses with spring hinges is the perfect option if you have an active and sporty lifestyle, spring hinges make the frame very flexible and durable sport glasses. These kinds of eyewear allow the glasses to bend past ninety degrees. The hinge itself takes most of the power when the eyeglasses bend and twist, allowing this type of hinge to maintain its original balance and fit without the need for any adjustment. Since spring hinges give the temples to hug the head for a stable fit, these frames will remain in place during running, bouncing, or exercising. This makes glasses with spring hinges the best alternative for active adults and kids. On the other hand, repairing those types of hinges is a little bit more complicated than fixing the standard ones.


Our Singapore Team selection of Glasses With Spring Hinge

Arise Collective Genneva C1 is a classic and sophisticated black frame perfect for a professional and clean look. This frame came with special anti-glare and scratch-resistant coating. You can also add to these glasses zFORT® lenses to protect yourself against the negative side effects of blue light. Order Genneva C1 and enjoy a 2-year warranty.


Inspired by the sophisticated and classy tastes of the Spanish monarchy and aristocracy, Balenciaga designed these BA5076 glasses from superb materials using state-of-the-art technology. Buy this amazing frame at the best price guarantee now and show your royalty to all your friends. This full-rim tortoise model is a game-changer.


If you like metal frames, SmartBuy Collection Dallas assures you a comfortable and stylish look. This affordable eyewear is the perfect pick for your new pair of prescription glasses. This frame is available in green, pink, and silver. Try on this model using our innovative 3D tool now to be sure that this is what you have been looking for.


Buy Glasses With Spring Hinge Singapore

Now that you know all about spring hinges you can pick the frame that you have been dreaming for. To guide you through your shopping experience we allow you to try on all the models that you like using our Virtual Try-On feature. Now that you found the right frame, you just need to follow a few easy steps to get your new glasses with spring hinges delivered to your doorstep. With our 100 day returns policy, you can decide to send your eyeglasses back if you think they are just not the right model for you. For any other inquiries about our services, you can contact us using the live chat tool on our website. Do not be shy and ask as many questions as you want to our amazing customer service agents. Check out the latest news about eyecare at our optical centre, where you can get in touch with one of our in-house experts through the “ask the optician” tool. You should also explore our social media to get some inspiration for your looks as well as discover our newest products and promotions. Start following us now to be always on top of the coolest eyewear trends.


SmartBuyGlasses Commitment

At SmartBuyGlasses we committed to give our support to people in need. SmartBuy Collection is helping World Vision’s Mother & Child Program in Zambia, which provides life-saving interventions to Zambian mothers and kids. We also want to raise awareness and respond to our customers’ desires for sustainable and stylish eyewear.  When you buy a pair of glasses from the Oh My Woodness collection, you not only have a trendy new pair of eyewear, but you also help plant life-saving trees in Haiti, Madagascar or Nepal. At SmartBuyGlasses we are committed to fight deforestation and provide essential resources to several vulnerable communities across the world.