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    Rimless Glasses


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    Rimless Glasses

    Rimless glasses provide you with a minimalistic and sleek look for all of your eyewear needs. The nasal bridge connects your prescription lenses, creating an elegant floating-like illusion.


    With their delicate and simplistic look, rimless glasses won’t hide your natural beauty under any thick frames. They offer you a lightweight and discrete design that will suit all occasions, from the office to the weekend!


    Are rimless glasses fashionable?

    Thanks to their delicate and timeless design, rimless glasses will always be in style. Although some people think full-rim glasses are the only fun and trendy eyewear on the market, thanks to rimless glasses’ customisable frames, they are definitely wrong!


    With rimless glasses, you can choose the style of your lenses! The frames are not the only customisable part of prescription glasses. For a pair of elegant rimless glasses, try out some rectangle-shaped lenses, or for a more fun look, check out our range of cat-eye rimless glasses.


    Although rimless glasses don’t have a frame encapsulating the lenses, you can still customise the nose bridge and arms. A pair of titanium rimless glasses will give you a sophisticated look, while coloured plastic ones will add some fun to your style. 


    The best rimless glasses will let your personality shine!


    Do rimless glasses make you look older?

    There was a time when rimless glasses may have been the go-to pair for older generations, but not anymore! As fashion is always evolving, so is eyewear.


    With their toned-down and elegant look, they definitely won’t make you look old but instead let your features shine. Rimless glasses can also provide with you a fun and quirky look depending on the shape you choose. The options are endless.

    Whether you are looking for rimless glasses for women or men, you'll always be able to find the perfect pair online with SmartBuyGlasses!