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    Goggle glasses



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    Goggle glasses

    Goggle glasses are protective eyewear that fits securely around your eyes. The flexible frames allow the glasses to snugly sit against your face and feature a strap that fastens around the head to ensure they stay on through any activity. 


    People can use goggle glasses in sports such as soccer, swimming, basketball and more. The practicality of sports goggle glasses allows you to have clear vision while doing all the sports and hobbies you love. 


    If you’re constantly outside and love being active but need prescription glasses, why not consider wearing goggle glasses. With goggle glasses, you'll be able to protect your eyes and correct your vision all at once. 


    What’s the difference between goggles and glasses?

    The difference between prescription glasses and goggle glasses is how and when you use them. Glasses help improve your vision and feature the normal frames and lenses we are all used to. On the other hand, goggle glasses protect your eyes from dust, dirt, water and any other substances. Safety glasses and goggles also help you avoid any injuries that could occur during sports or physical activities. 


    Can I wear goggles with glasses?

    Absolutely! You can easily wear your goggle glasses over your prescription glasses. But why wear two pairs of glasses when you can wear one? At SmartBuyGlasses,  you can easily add your prescription to goggle glasses at the checkout. 


    If you don’t have your prescription on hand, use our Lens Scanner app to quickly retrieve it using your current pair of glasses. Prescription goggle glasses will make you feel comfortable and protected whenever you need them.  

    Thanks to brands like PROGEAR, buying goggle glasses has never been easier. Whether you’re buying kid's prescription glasses or a pair for yourself, you’ll always feel safe shopping at SmartBuyGlasses. With fast shipping and the security of 100-day returns, what are you waiting for?