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Aviator Glasses

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Aviator Glasses

Browse our selection of aviator eyeglasses from a whole host of designer brands, all at the very best prices. Although traditionally a model of sunglasses, the aviator model is so popular that it is now worn as prescription glasses. There are multiple colour combinations on offer, and frames are available for men, women and children.


The Story of the Aviator


Contrary to popular belief, the most iconic aviator brand, Ray-Ban, did not in fact invent the aviator style of glasses. To find the truth behind such legendary frame shapes, we have to dig a little deeper.


Back in the times of World War One, the traditional pilot uniform included a very large pair of goggles, the aim of which was to keep eyes warm enough when flying through ice cold temperatures. At the time, pilots flew at relatively low altitude and for short periods of time. However, with the advancement of technology came longer flight journeys at ever higher altitudes. This called for fresh, more appropriate equipment. 


When flying higher up, the pilots’ exposure to the sun was significantly increased, with many suffering from glare. This point was raised by Lieutenant John Macready from the US Air Force, as he damaged his eyes while trying to break the world record for altitude. Thanks to him, optical experts Bausch & Lomb were hired for the project, and together they developed an anti-glare pair of sunglasses. This very design was then renamed the Ray-Ban Aviator.


The glasses were soon rolled out across the US military during the Second World War, with extra sunglasses being contributed by numerous frame and lens designers. As a result, the Ray-Ban brand name became known as the civilian option, as opposed to the original military model.


The pilot shaped glasses only grew in popularity from there. With Hollywood stars joining the trend, it was not long before the aviator model became a favourite among the masses. Nearly a century later, the aviator frame design continues to be one of the most iconic eyewear accessories in the fashion world.


Best Sellers from the Womens Ray Ban Aviator Collection


With up to 72 aviator glasses frames on offer, you are well and truly spoilt for choice at SmartBuyGlasses. The top seller is the RX6489, which features high quality metal rims in a gold colour. The frames are durable enough to last you for years to come. Plus, the nose pads are ingenious, as they can be adjusted to sit in the most stable position possible, and feature non-slipping technology. Another element that contributes towards the perfect fit of these aviator glasses is the flexible optical hinges.


Best Sellers from the Mens Ray Ban Aviator Collection


The RX6589 is an all time classic that will instantly elevate any outfit, without going overboard. The elegant frames come in various colour combinations, so you can pick the one that best matches your style and personality. For something a little different, we recommend giving clear rimless aviator glasses a go. The RX8749 will look fantastic with any outfit at any occasion, and the titanium frames are incredibly lightweight, yet durable and strong. You can find the frames in various colours, but matte dark gunmetal is always a favourite. 


Best Sellers from the Junior Ray Ban Aviator Collection


One of the best things about the junior range at Ray-Ban is that your youngsters can match your iconic eyewear styles with a pair of their own. The RY9065s are beautifully crafted aviator glasses, designed especially for kids. There are multiple colours to choose from so they can choose their favourite. Plus, the frames are made from plastic, which can stand the test of an active child’s daily life, and will reduce the risk of injury if broken. They are also as light as a feather, meaning your child will likely forget they are wearing them as they are so incredibly comfortable. 


Best Aviator Glasses Brands


Owing to the immense popularity of the aviator glasses, it is no surprise that many other brands have launched their own versions of the frame. The top spot will probably always be claimed by the original innovators at Ray-Ban. Top sellers include the RX6489 2500 and silver coloured  RX6589 2501. Runners up to the best brand of pilot shaped glasses are Gucci with the GG0515O. Another popular option is the Tom Ford FT5531. These have a chic new nose bridge design with the frames crossing over in the centre, not dissimilar to a figure of eight. 


Prescription Aviator Glasses


Although Aviator Sunglasses were the original popular model, it is now possible to add your prescription to clear lenses to wear the iconic style all year round. The frame shape is classy enough to be suitable for work, while remaining appropriate for fun days out on the weekends. Luckily, the tear-drop frame shape looks good on the vast majority of face shapes, so the style is suitable for lots of different people. The shape of the frame is typically very large, almost oversized. This means that it is really easy to add prescription lenses, as there are no size limitations. You can add prescription lenses for all kinds of visual impairments, such as astigmatism. For information on sight problems, head over to our Optical Center for advice on various issues with eye health and care. You can even ask our online optician a question or two. 


Adding your prescription to your aviator glasses is wonderfully simple. Once you have popped the frames into your online shopping cart, simply upload your prescription details when prompted at the checkout. If you don’t have them to hand, fear not, you can email them to us later. Once your order is confirmed, your exact prescription will be added to the lenses, and the lenses will be fitted into the frames by our in-house experts. Your prescription aviator glasses will then arrive on your doorstep ready to wear. Simply remove them from the box, slide them on and off you go! 


Shop with SmartBuyGlasses


At SmartBuyGlasses, we like to stay true to our word, and therefore do as much as we can to honestly make buying eyewear online as easy as possible. As a result, we offer lots of resources for you to consult along the way to choosing your next pair of designer glasses. You can begin by checking what face shape you have with our quick guide here. If aviator is appropriate to your facial features, start browsing the collection straight away. Once you have shortlisted a few you like, try them on! You can do this by using our Virtual Try-On tool, which requires a short selfie video to enable you to visualise hundreds of pairs on your face. It is a great help in deciding on which pair to go for.

Once you have decided on the perfect pair of aviator glasses for you, head straight to the checkout where you can rest assured you are buying them for the best price possible, thanks to our price match guarantee. You will also be treated to a 100 day returns policy and 24 month warranty. So there really is no reason whatsoever not to buy your dream pair of aviator glasses today. We look forward to seeing them on you - tag us on social @smartbuyglasses and use the #SBGClub