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    Acetate Glasses


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    Acetate Glasses

    Acetate is an excellent material for glasses frames since it is strong and doesn't irritate the skin. Through layering, acetate glasses can achieve various opacities and patterns for depth and richness. These features can make them a more appealing option than traditional plastic glasses.


    Thanks to their manufacturing process, acetate glasses frames come in many vivid colours and patterns. For a fun and fresh look, check out our range of orange and tortoiseshell frames. If you like to always stay up to date with the latest eyewear trends, take a look at some clear acetate glasses frames for a subtle yet stylish look. 


    Acetate glasses also come in all shapes and sizes! If you have a square shape face, use our Virtual Try-On tool to see how you look in some round acetate glasses. Learn more about face shape and glasses that will compliment you and help you look your best!


    What are acetate glasses?

    Acetate frames are prepared using a unique technique that turns plant material into durable plastic-like material. If you’re looking for some eco-friendly glasses, acetate glasses frames are a great choice!


    The best thing about acetate prescription glasses? The plant-based material that acetate is made from has hypoallergenic properties, which makes them the perfect choice for people with sensitive skin. Acetate glasses are lightweight and durable, so they’re a smart choice if you want a comfortable pair of glasses that you can wear all day long!


    How to clean acetate glasses

    To ensure your acetate glasses always stay pristine and clean, you can easily wash them at home with a few simple steps. Using warm water, dedicated cleaning spray, and a polishing cloth, your glasses will look brand new every time you wear them!


    If you’re looking to clean your prescription lenses for a clear and unblurred vision, read our article on the best way to go about it. Whether you are shopping for your next pair of acetate glasses or sunglasses, you’ll be sure to find your favourite pair when shopping online with us at SmartBuyGlasses!