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Guess Glasses

What started with the brothers Maurice and Paul Marciano opening a shop in the fashionable Beverly Hills in 1981, has today led to the popular fashion brand of Guess. While at first their two other brothers Armand and Georges also helped run the brand by 1993 Paul Marciano alone became the chief operating officer and president of Guess. In the beginning of this century they began to reinvent themselves to appeal to a younger generation, to do this they not only started producing a collection of cheaper clothes but they also began extending a line of higher end fashion as well as encompassing larger collections of accessories.

At SmartBuyGlasses you can find and

Buy Guess eyeglasses

at fantastically low prices, plus we even have over 300 different styles for you to choose from. Each of these models symbolises the urban and fresh faced look of Guess, and represents the younger fun loving generation. They have a bold yet understated appeal to them that makes them easy to admire as their colourful accents and unique twists add something special to what would otherwise be just be ordinary. And that is what has made Guess as famous as it is today, that unusual blend of simple and practical while still having something edgy to them at the same time.


Discount Guess spectacles

are available in full rim, semi rimless and rimless to accommodate all shapes and tastes and to allow you to easily find a pair you’ll adore. Plus, once you’ve chosen your perfect pair we can even customise them for you to your personal prescription. This means that these fantastic glasses will give you perfect vision, as well as their polycarbonate lenses giving you great UV protection. They’ll even come with a free anti-reflective coating and a scratch resistant coating, to ensure that not only do they look good, but that they’ll continue to do so for years.

Our collection of Oxydo eyeglasses are another great favourite and their funky yet stylish appeal has proven to be a winning look Oxydo