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Cazal Glasses

Cazal is a German eyewear brand established in 1975. They specialize in a variety of fashion-forward eyewear, including sunglasses and prescription glasses. You can purchase their eyeglasses online or through international resellers. The brand offers a variety of different style lines catering to a diverse audience. Each pair is a testament to superior quality and excellent manufacturing.


Are Cazal glasses good quality?


Cazal glasses are German-manufactured which automatically means that each pair of their eyewear is made with the highest quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Their glasses are made with premium materials such as titanium, gold, acetate, and high-quality plastics to ensure longevity and performance. 


What characterizes the typical design of Cazal glasses?


Cazal has different lines in its collection, each of which is defined by its characteristic design features. Their 1000’s line features feminine glasses with a touch of sparkly embellishments, metal surfaces, and details like embossing and hand-painted patterns. The 4000s line features timeless frames with geometric shapes and elegant details such as neutral metal detailing. The 5000s line is more avant-garde featuring bulky, geometric frames with thick rims for the fashion-forward individuals. The 6000/7000 serves as a luxury collection for men with sleek frames and signature details such as the Cazal logo on the left lens.


Does the Cazal collection offer a wider selection of frames for men or women?


Yes, Cazal has dedicated design lines to suit the needs of all genders. Their 1000s and 5000s lines are crafted for women with feminine features such as crystal embellishments and rose-gold touches. Similarly, their 6000s and 7000s lines are made for men using bigger frame sizes, sleek metal details and masculine touches. Their Legends line offers timeless designs that are well-suited for both genders.