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Giorgio Armani Eyewear Collection
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Giorgio Armani Eyewear Collection

Giorgio Armani Eyewear Collection

“Elegance is not about being noticed, it is about being remembered.” This is precisely what Giorgio Armani believes and their exquisite eyewear collections are designed with just one thing in mind – creating everlasting elegance.

Giorgio Armani Frames of Life Campaign

The Giorgio Armani Frames of Life Campaign brings together five individuals from far corners of the world in a lovely display of videography and story-telling.The message centers around “Different eyes, different lives” and gives us a glimpse at how everyone experiences the world differently, through a completely unique perspective – a manifestation of reality through their very own eyes. The story draws you in and captures you with their questions.

“Every day we open and close our eyes more than 10,000 times… How many emotions can we hold on to?”

Giorgio Armani Eyewear Collection

The Frames of Life Campaign succeeded in bringing the Giorgio Armani eyewear collection to light. It really manages to showcase their most luxurious and innovative styles. This collection is now considered one of the most prestigious eyewear lines in the industry.

You can see just a few of the most popular models below.

Giorgio Armani SunglassesGiorgio Armani Sunglasses


Giorgio Armani SunglassesGiorgio Armani Glasses



Giorgio Armani GlassesGiorgio Armani Glasses

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