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Double Bridge Sunglasses – Double The Impact
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Double Bridge Sunglasses – Double The Impact

Double Bridge Sunglasses – Double The Impact

Fashion trends can be compared to stock trends; you see them coming and you need to act quickly. Either you jump in or risk falling off the style wagon. We’ve witnessed some major talk-of-the-town trends in our era, and some of them even keep coming up again with even more eclectic ranges.

Tom Cruise introduced us to the suave of a timeless and classic Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses following the release of Top Gun in 1986, Daniel Craig inspired a Tom Ford movement from the moment we saw him in them on the Spectre trailer, the list goes on.

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So what is the next big thing? What is this season’s hype, the dazzling style that is catapulting onto every fashion runway and every celebrity closet?

Double bridge sunglasses are in this season and for good reason. This season’s collections have already started flocking in and featuring on every entertainment platform there is. We’ve put together a list of the sunglasses that are rocking fashion catwalks everywhere:

Ray-Ban RB4256 New Gatsby

They are the new and cool of the season, the transcendent style that fuses innovation with fine detailing. Ray-Ban yet again moves ages ahead of the fashion curve with the Ray-Ban RB4256 New Gatsby sunglasses that feature nylon coated titanium temples, which provides a haven of comfort. The screw-less Light Ray technology delivers a pleasurable visual experience along with an overall design that finishes off any outfit with just the right seal of approval.

Ray-Ban RB4256 New Gatsby

Prada PR13QS Cinema

The Prada PR13QS Cinema sunglasses are just the right spark of elegance for you to set your very own trend this season. This authentic pair of mastery come in solid and subtle colour options coated with metallic gold/silver frames. The smooth double bridge is certainly the pinnacle of style and a touch of style brilliance.

Prada PR13QS Cinema

Ever heard of “The League of Extraordinary Men”? Well, it’s a label given to a selection of men whose lifestyles embody a smooth, and resolute being… the James Bonds of the world. A go-getter, the leading star in every film. This season, you’re the star of your very own blockbuster in a pair of Saint Laurent SL 87 006 sunglasses. With an acetate frame with a twist on the pilot shape and specially coated 100% UV protection lenses, it is a daredevil must have. Welcome to the league.

Saint Laurent SL 87 006

Alexander McQueen AM0001S

Whether you are heading off to the beach or trailing out in nature or even hitting up a few glamorous events, the Alexander McQueen AM0001S sunglasses are a great addition to any outfit and made for any scene. Get ready to be the highlight of every event.

Alexander McQueen AM0001S

Dolce & Gabbana DG6088

Confidence makes all of the difference the moment you walk into a room, and with this pair of dashing sunglasses, everybody knows it. From the slick metal pilot shape in blue/black injected rubber and silver/black metal temples, it’s easy to see tell that the Dolce & Gabbana DG6088 sunglasses are not just an accessory for eye protection, they are a statement of unparalleled confidence.

 Dolce & Gabbana DG6088 Sporty Inspired 265055

Ray-Ban RB4253

When it comes to fusing classic fashion vibes with the 21st century, Ray-Ban leads the way and continues to impress. It’s all about colourful confidence this season, so Ray-Ban RB4253 sunglasses can make you the leading fashionista of your crew. These glasses, with a radiant transparent tone, flawless metal double bridge, and a range of gradient lenses add a splash of colour. It’s going to be a colour filled fiesta all season long.

Ray-Ban RB4253 62367Y

Puma PU0013S

From the colours, the texture and the patterns, the Puma PU0013S sunglasses are a spectacular pick for a season filled with possibilities. Frames are made from Acetate and stylishly sealed off with the signature Puma plating. The sunglasses are super lightweight and a total breath of comfort on your face. Lenses provide a superior visual experience and are made for the long haul. This is definitely a pair made for the best of looks.

Puma PU0013S

Celine CL 41077/S Bridge

Chunky rims are the new definition of tasteful fashion sense. This model also features signature pins on the sides of the temples that add a subtle spark of glamour. The added metal double bridge on the sensual Celine CL 41077/S sunglasses evoke confidence and a drop dead gorgeous look.

 Celine CL 41077/S Bridge M23/Z3


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