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Ray-Ban Double Bridge Collection: Summer 2016 Stylish Lineup
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Ray-Ban Double Bridge Collection: Summer 2016 Stylish Lineup

Ray-Ban Double Bridge Collection: Summer 2016 Stylish Lineup

Introducing the Ray-Ban Double Bridge Collection

Summer 2016 is upon us and we know just the style you need to heat the streets. The red hot Ray-Ban Double Bridge Collection combines retro styles with a new look that gives them a modern classic status. Ray-Ban is always pushing the envelope with their sunglasses and this collection is no exception, better yet Ray-Ban Double Bridge Collection is one of the hottest styles of Summer 2016. The collection has a wide range of sunglasses to choose from, there is something for everyone. Let’s take a look and see which you would like, dare I say all of them!

Ray-Ban RB4257

As the name suggests, this modernized golden oldie channels and embodies the classy Gatsby era of a lavish party driven life style that summer is all about. This masterpiece is a member of the Ray Ban New Gatsby Collection that has reminded the world that nothing says lavish more than a dazzling pair of eyewear like these. What’s not to love? With the Gold Double Bridge that screams class and elegance, this unisex pair is going to be sizzling this summer.

Ray-Ban Double Bridge Collection New Gatsby

Ray-Ban RB4253

Like we already mentioned this collection is Summer 2016’s heavy hitters and this pair of Aviators is set to steal the eyewear spotlight. Ray-Ban added a modern touch of the Gold Double Bridge to this stylish classic making it one of the hottest pairs this summer. The pair still maintains its classic golden temples that have been the relish of eyewear fans all over the world. The installment of the Double Bridge has made this pair a must have. You can wear these on a regular sunny day or even for a special event. Picture this, Monday afternoon, sun is out, rocking these stunning Aviators to that lunch date or Saturday pool party, looking and feeling fantastic.

ray-ban-double-bridge rb4253

Ray-Ban RB3540

This gold framed beauty is a must have. It is another modernized classic that is set to be trending this summer and we recommend it for you. These Aviator sunglasses are perfect for that summer time beach party. The pair are unisex and with the right outfit they could say classy, chic, elegant and whatever else complements you.

Ray-Ban Double Bridge Collection RB3540

Ray-Ban Tech RB4266

These are stylish and yet tech advanced sunglasses as they are light with a titanium double bridge, these sunglasses are perfect for a RAVE! Scenario: music is pumping, hands in the air and your friends around you having a time of your life. You the Star, rocking these beautiful flash sunglasses. These sunglasses not only are they stylish but they are flash perfect for that EDM flashy show. Rock these this summer 2016 and stay with the eyewear trends.

Ray-Ban Double Bridge Collection RB4266

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