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Macarons & Mischief: Meet Creator Whitney Hong
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Macarons & Mischief: Meet Creator Whitney Hong

Macarons & Mischief: Meet Creator Whitney Hong

A self-professed geek and “Gryffindor engineer”, Whitney Hong is the brain behind, and face of, Macarons & Mischief, a popular beauty and fashion blog. Based in Richmond, Canada, Whitney juggles her blogging duties with studying for her challenging engineering degree. Unlike other bloggers, Whitney wasn’t always an avid follower of beauty and fashion trends. In fact, her blog started as a food blog before she discovered a whole online community of beauty reviewers. Feeling inspired, Whitney began to delve into the wonderful and complex world of beauty.

I didn’t discover the beauty of concealer, the wonder of eyeliner,  and the luxe of a Dior lipstick until 19 years old and have been hooked on since” (Macarons&Mischief)

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The blog

Macarons & Mischief is an amalgamation of Whitney’s interests and thoughts – she writes on beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travelling. She manages to post regularly, about 4 times every month, despite being an engineer-in-training. Her topics vary from product reviews, outfit-of-the-day posts, food or restaurant reviews, and the documentation of her travels. Her passion for food is evident from her many photos of her amazing culinary experiences. The tone of her voice is always optimistic, but honest and down-to-earth; there is the feeling that you can really trust the honesty of her reviews. Reflected in every post is her personality- she always interjects little details about her life and what she’s doing into her posts, which creates a more personalized experience for the reader.



Whitney’s own style is restrained, minimal, and ultra-feminine without being frilly. She favours soft colours such as beige and muted blues and pinks, and accessorizes each look with a minimalistic, yet chic, handbag. Whilst her look isn’t flashy, Whitney always manages to look put-together, and there is a classicalness about her colour restraint.

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Whilst some blogs are aspirational, they can also be a little intimidating and high-brow. Macarons & Mischief is the opposite. It is friendly, informative, and welcome to all. This is what has created such success for Whitney. She is part of the Canadian Beauty Blogger Network, as well as members of several other prestigious boards.

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Despite being busy with exams, Whitney was kind enough to answer a few of our questions.

  1. You’re on quite a few platforms (blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram). Which platform has been most important for you?

Although I’m a huge Instagram junkie, the blog is the most important platform. My blog has been my foundation since day 1, whether it’s connecting me to new friends and opportunities, or just reading comments from readers around the globe. It gives me a warm sensation to be supported by other bloggers and talk about how we related to each other and bond over mutual interests such as lipstick.

dress basic, smell amazing. @dior poison girl

A post shared by Whitney Hong (@macaronsandmischief) on Mar 28, 2017 at 4:21pm PDT

  1. Greatest achievement outside of blogging?

One of my greatest achievements (either than snapping a photo with Daniel Radcliffe in London,) is working as an Engineer-in-Training and having satisfaction in my career.

  1. What makes eyewear an important accessory for you?

Eyewear is an important accessory as the most important part is that I can see clearly, but when you choose the right frame, it becomes part of you and your identity. I want my glasses to give insight to my personality; whether it’s a bit nerdy, spontaneous, and fun.

Whitney’s top eyewear picks

Burberry_BE2172_3002 fashion blog Burberry BE2172 


Ray-Ban RX6317


Tom Ford FT5435

Check out Whitney’s beauty and food adventures on her blog and her Instagram!

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